Helping Hands



The evolving COVID-19 situation has affected the world in many ways, including but not limited to individuals facing the loss of income and struggling with additional duties/expenses. Scam companies used this chance to target victims all around the world. The Pig Slaughter Scam has revolved to targeting the overseas market; countries that are not as aware that such scams actually exist, be it due to insufficient media coverage or social awareness.

Victims were manipulated into mortgaging off their homes and cars and/or loan from family and friends, banks and private loan companies, even illegal loan sharks. Just when you thought this is the worst, it isn't. Scammers would then proceed to send the victims' compromised pictures to the victims' workplace, friends, and family via their social media following to extort more money. Some victims were so depressed that they resort to taking their own lifes. Help us by donating what you can.

Where Will Your Donations Go?

Proceeds will be used to fund the costs of maintaining the webpage i.e. the server, host and software upgrades, domain reverse, and technology subscriptions i.e. website reverse searches which enables us to help more victims as well as the ability to reach out to potential victims with daily necessities i.e. groceries for victims who lost everything and are unable to put food on the table, counseling help for those experiencing emotional distress and may be suicidal, and an outreach programme to save more potential victims from falling prey into the scam. All proceeds will be under compliance within the committee members monthly.


Thank you for helping us make a difference!