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The Human-Eat-Human Era?

Guest Post (translated)

Sometimes I really can't help but feel confused by the changes in the world. Human society seems to have returned to a primitive society, being at the top of the highest food chain, it is surprising that a large organized group has opened the era of cannibalism, from a spiritual point of view society is undoubtedly going backwards. This is a frightening and worrying era.

The development of the Internet, it must be said, has brought us extraordinary convenience and good user enjoyment. The airplane has made the world without distance, and the Internet has made people at both ends of the world without distance, and has also allowed corporate businesses to realize distance-free sales of their products. However, the Internet also makes the occasional fraud crime, now developed into the norm of professional corporate team management crime, they are breaking the social system, not to pay labor to get paid directly to others around the world to plunder wealth. What is their purpose, money without upper limit, morality without lower limit, fraud to money by any means.

What is this, this is to kill the pig pan. This word is not new in Southeast Asian countries or among the many Chinese, because the world's largest group of victims is the territory of China, Taiwan and overseas Chinese, the number of victims of tens of millions of people. But in the future, the term is bound to become popular in Europe and the United States, because the fraudsters will no longer target their prey mainly at Chinese Americans. According to a 2021 World Journal report on New York Assistant District Attorney Joseph Conley of the Queens District Attorney's Office, the "piggy bank" scam cost the United States $300 million in 2020 alone. On March 26, 2020, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) website, published a research report, titled "Online Love Scams: Relationship Dynamics and Psychological Characteristics of Victims and Scammers." The report states that because "victims feel shame after being scammed and are afraid to speak to outsiders, it can lead to an underestimation of the number of cases."

And the actual Pig Butchering Plate is not the same as a romance scam; the romance pig butchering plate is just one branch, and the other is a investment fraud under the appearance of legitimacy. The use of establishing a love relationship is only one of the scamming groups as a means of operating on their suitable prey. Victims range in age from 15 to 85 years old, nearly 90% are women, not every prey is in a relationship with them or suitable for a relationship script. As for the money market scam, the scam group will lure the victims to operate on platforms such as Mt5, Coinbase,, etc. that have the appearance of legitimacy, and the victims can download the App directly from the App store of their Apple phones, which allows the victims to put down their guard. Since it can be downloaded on the App store, the victim rightfully believes that this platform is not a problem and dares to boldly transfer the money into it, however, once the money is entered, regardless of the account profit or loss, your money is no longer yours. Some of these platforms do not provide security for the user's account operations at all, and some are supposed to be complicit in turning a blind eye to the violations on the platform.

After calling to report the crime, the victims might think about a question: what is the greatest significance of the invention of digital currency? The police said that cryptocurrency e-wallets make money difficult to track, and for the victims the invention of cryptocurrency is indeed a major boost for fraud syndicate, providing the perfect platform to operate, the perfect way to launder money and escape the law.

So how does the killing plate start, and what is the common set up process for the killing plate?

[note: GASO simplifies the below to 4 steps]

Step 1 is to find the prey

First they will be in a variety of social media software (such as whatsapp, Line, Facebook, etc.) randomly find the age of the main attack in the 30 years of age or older, this age group of people are generally a certain number of years of work, such people usually have some savings, and this type of age above a certain demand for feelings, they will take this type of people as quality targets. The other is by buying personal information, according to the screening of quality targets. This target is what they call a pig in the industry.

Step 2 is to gain trust

The scammers will add friends after, usually will fake some misunderstanding to start a conversation with you, create a kind of fate (such as he said he wanted to adopt your family's pet dog), they are a gentleman polite, and then began to chat with you frequently, they will master a very appropriate chatting techniques, and chat with you every day at regular intervals, the attitude is enthusiastic, the topic is interesting not dull, so that you are willing to chat with him. Give you timely care, so that you gradually trust them, for single, divorced or broken feelings in the people will use the love offensive and you develop a relationship with lovers, and establish a higher degree of trust, and have a stronger degree of control over you.

Step 3, encourage investment

When trust is successfully established, they will begin to stand in the perspective of close friends very sincere hope and help you subsidize to improve the quality of life, or planning your common future, encouraging you to buy stocks, speculation in foreign exchange or betting in their homemade platform, most people will try a small investment a few, the scammer will operate through the background, so that you make a small profit a few. And take the initiative to let you withdraw some cash and buy some clothes or supplies to reward yourself.

Step 4, a lot of investment

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. You can also get more money when you need it. This is when you are convinced of the scammer and you put a lot of money into the platform.

Step 5, can not withdraw cash

After the victim has invested a large amount of money, and to determine your position to the limit, the scammer will lure you to operate to burst, creating an accident, the investment failed. At this point the scammer will not go away, he will say find a way to be positioned and encourage you to borrow money to cover the position to start over. Or when you want to withdraw the principal, they will use the excuse of upgrading the background to refuse your withdrawal, or let you pay taxes so that you can raise money again into their account, and in the end still can not successfully withdraw.

Step 6: Sell out

When you finally realize the scam and try to deal with the other party again, the other party pulls you out and the scammer disappears. Then your information may be at this time by this there fraudulent company, your chat records may be resold to other fraudulent companies. You are desperate to get your money back, you will look for a lawyer, you will look for a hacker, however you will probably be at risk of being scammed twice [recovery scams].