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Anti-Scam & Anti-Slavery Philanthropist Arrested in Cambodia for Spreading "Fake News"

Why should you care about Chen Baorong?

He founded the Cambodia-China Charity Team, which helps human trafficking victims in Cambodia get rescued and repatriated back to their home countries. It is those trafficked people who form the backbone of the online fraud industry in Cambodia, forced to scam hundreds of people worldwide (just the recent articles on this:

(Disclosure: GASO has worked with Cambodia-China Charity Team to help rescue trafficked victims and expose the dark underbelly of the scam industry in Southeast Asia.)

And now, for sticking his head up too much into their lucrative, billion-dollar business, Chen Baorong has now come on the crosshairs of the powers-that -be. Chen Baorong was detained this week, with the pretext being the whole brouhaha 2 weeks ago about the "blood slave" incident that shocked the public, which GASO posted 2 weeks ago. It was his organization rescued that victim. As you'll see below, the charges are ridiculous and mysterious.

From VOD Cambodia:

Rescue Team Leader Sent to Sihanoukville as Governor Complains of ‘Headache’

Court Adds Charges for Rescuer, Sends to Prison for Pretrial Detention

Shit rolls uphill there. Yes. We're calling it.

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