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Anxi China - Houses of the scammers to be demolished for failure to return home

In order to effectively prevent and control gambling fraud and illegal entry and exit crimes in northern Myanmar, on the afternoon of July 17, the party committee and government of Guanqiao Town, Anxi County, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province organized town and village cadres and police officers from Guanqiao Police Station in accordance with laws and regulations. , Anxi Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade, Guanqiao Comprehensive Law Enforcement Team and other departments have jointly enforced the law to forcibly remove the iron shed that was illegally built in the residence of Chen Moujiang, who refused to return to the hometown in Guanyu Village and was illegally stranded in northern Myanmar.

In this law enforcement, 13.7 square meters of iron shed illegally constructed by Chen Moujiang was demolished in accordance with the law.

In the next step, our town will combine the "two violations" comprehensive management special action work, make good use of the "13 all in one" comprehensive management measures, and will resolutely resolutely refuse to return to the hometown on time for illegally stranded people in northern Myanmar to "two violations" construction. Demolition in accordance with laws and regulations.



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