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Updated: Mar 26, 2022

UPDATED: 2021, Oct 10 - Based on the first three quarters of 2021 data statistics we collected, we observed a substantial number are victims of Capital One COF scam Company (Jun 2021-Sep). Previously, they were operating under company names such as Kleiner Perkins, KPCB (Dec 2020- Mid June 2021) to Capital One (Jun 2021 to Sep 2021) Sources have revealed, the same scam company recently has switched their platform to TPG Leading Global Private Investment (as at Sep 8, 2021) to JPM (as at 10-Oct-2021

One of our victims was scammed via the dark web while investing with COF. This, we believe is highly probable a sister Company of COF.

These victims were asked to transfer to various local bank accounts that were used for money laundering. Employees consist of Taiwanese, Malaysian and China nationals. Scammers uses +60, +852 contact no or +886; a small percentage uses Singapore sim card.

Further findings have confirmed that the supervisory level personnels are mainly the ones responsible for the "killing" ie execute the emotional blackmailing. These supervisors would persuade the victims to take up loans by mortgaging any car/ house to "help" the scammers. Scammers were told to target Singaporeans between 30-43 on Coffee meets Bagel app for the next couple of months and were tasks to blackmail victims into taking nudes for later use.

The trademarks of TPG (aka Capital One) modus Operandi are: Singaporean, Australian, Taiwanese, Malaysians, Indonesian, Americans women aged 28 - 40s; buy flowers and bears from Flower cart as gift (delivery from Singapore to their victims who are deemed to potentially generate high revenue or sales quota for them); manipulate their victims to take nude pictures, then threaten to distribute these pictures to their families and friends and/or social media platforms for extortion; the scammers would subsequently sell these nude photos on porn sites and the victim's data to other scam companies for extra profits.

Fortunately, we managed to save several victims who were at their early stage of the fraud. We would like to remind the public, please lodge a police report and call your bank to freeze the bank accounts involved prior to reaching out to us.

Employees were trained to deny that they are scammers regardless and would deny all accusations made against them. Instead, they will convince you that they are victims as well.

It is rumored that the Company uses electric rod to hit their employees

In order to gain sympathy from victims, we discovered the following tricks from the TPG employees. Please be advised not to engage in any of these activities and/or believe a single word they tell you:-

  • Ask for a personal loan of 200,000 RMB so that they could return home (but we found out they did not go back, their motive is to scam more money from you;

  • Ask you to inject 2000USD to help them tide through for the day or they would get beaten up;

  • Persuade you to purchase local SIM cards for them, then help them to register for WhatsApp accounts

  • Persuade you to introduce rich friends who are around 30 - 36 to them, with the promise of a small commission;

  • Persuade you to register an account and add friends for them on Coffee meets begal;

  • Persuade you to add friends on IG using a male profile to "promote" skincare products OR women survey

  • Money mule - would persuade you to transfer USDT for them OR open bank accounts for them

In view of their lucrative business and to evade tracking by authorities, we noticed that their websites generally do not exist for more than 2 weeks. They will shut down the old website and replace with new ones constantly.

Websites traced by us:-


2020 Sep –May 2021

Capital One (COF)

First sight on early June





August – Feb

Charles Schwab Corporation

Mining Scam


代理 (Under Agent Usage)


Dec 2021 – Feb 2022)

代理 (Under Agent Usage)


(March 2022)

代理 (Under Agent Usage)


If you are a victim or potential victim reading this, please contact your bank to freeze their accounts before reaching out to us.


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