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Myawaddy- U$25000 bounty on a GASO rescued member.

I'm SAMMY from the rescue team. I've been back to Taiwan for almost a month, and the sense of unreality has finally subsided a bit. It feels like playing a video game with bad results. It's not fun and I'm not reconciled.

I was at Cambodia in September together with to other colleagues from GASO and hereby giving some updates. Most scam compound has ceased their operations since Sep 18, the government intervened, and Cambodia provided rescue channels for victims who are trapped in the compound. Fraudulent groups hid people in hotels And at the rental office, a group of victims went downstairs to take a car and met us at the safe house. Taiwanese, Chinese, Malaysians, Indians, Bangladeshis, Ethiopians.

Hundreds of cases were released within a month, and the efficiency was so much better than the past

Thailand-Myanmar border, Mae Sot

After temporarily stabilizing Cambodia, I was ordered by our head to go to Thai-Myanmar border, Maesot. In less than a week after arriving in Mae Sot, a vehicle bombing occurred and several glass was scatter all around the scene.

Illustration: The above video was taken by me at the Thai borders, Moei River is a natural borderline between Thailand and Myanmar. It is a river of 327 kilometres long, and unlike other river, it flows northward.

It soon hit me that taking any other random taxi around Maesot somewhat belongs to the scam compound. I was afraid of being kidnapped, so I pretended to be a snakehead (Snakehead is a chinese term among the scams equivalent the meaning of a human trafficking agent.) I may have accidentally pretended so much that the director of one the scam compound Director came to visit me to see if there was any way to introduce Taiwanese people to work. I was even invited to sing KTV with them.

Myanmar is really hard to rescue. Compared with the Philippines, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand, it is a place without a government at all.

It’s all about money and relationships. The three girls who were finally released without compensation in September are still trapped in the Myawaddy Police Station.

Taiwanese are very lucky people on the planet because there are plenty of businessman who have the power and influence.

I was offered 25,000 USD bounty

It was the first time I was hunted down that night. Two plainclothes Thai policemen went to the hotel to look for someone. Fortunately, the real name was not revealed at the time. The room was not searched.

Women without passports can’t leave the border. One day later, they pretended to return to Bangkok to take this girl and negotiate with the park to release another 30 Taiwanese and ask for passports. The boss of the company who was on vacation in Pattaya at the time was invited to come to the foreign embassy in Thailand for exchanges The other party was so useless that they deleted LINE directly. However, the boss’s boss had it. As a result of the negotiations, 15 Chinese nationals were released to return to Taiwan, and 6 of them were not paid.

After the identity of the semi-official representative was confirmed, the progress went smoothly, and there were no security issues. When the passport was sent to the foreign embassy in Thailand, on 10/21, a case who coordinated the release was resold during the release process, and was quickly stopped. During the process, anxious My family members revealed that I was still in Mae Sot, not Bangkok. I lost contact for nearly six hours. After the company checked my phone, I was released without any explanation and asked me to pick it up. I didn’t dare to go there. That night, the Thai police showed my ID and searched my room. His real name was exposed, and he was found within a short period of time after being transferred three times. The same van carried several Chinese people, and they encountered them everywhere they fled. It was really desolate to see the car coming again not long after changing the hotel.

I have a passport and I can leave the border at any time, but my sister without a passport and another brother who just got out from the hotel next door must have an accident. The girl and I were both offered a reward of 25,000 US dollars to see the corpse. Keeping her here is killing her There is really no other way to escape until midnight, please tell the girls if you have anything to say to your family. I also called home and said that I will return to Taiwan in two days, please take care of my family.

It is also fate, until Ms. Xu Caizhen, the daughter of the former Kaohsiung Speaker, finished her work, and we finally got in touch. Only under the arrangement of her father's Taiwanese businessman friend, we boarded a Thai military vehicle and left Mae Sot overnight to return to Bangkok. No passport checks were made. All cases were safe. , fled back to Taiwan in a hurry.

During this trip to Myanmar, I assisted one Asia-Pacific case, two Dongfang cases, two Dongfeng cases, fifteen Xinghua cases, and three KK cases. I also rescued two escapees from Cambodia who were transferred to Myanmar in Mae Sot. Nationality All over Taiwan, China, India, Brazil and Africa. Mostly Taiwanese.

At present, there are seven Chinese nationals in Yuanmeng Company in Xinghua Park who will be resold to northern Myanmar at any time. Last night, the company called to collect their luggage. At least one of them will be dismantled and live harvested at any time after the physical examination report is released.

Myawaddy Yatai, has a scale of 30,000 people. It has been confirmed that at least dozens of Taiwanese are trapped.

In Kok Kong, the name of the company is randomly chosen, the company only recognizes the bosses,. After the compensation is paid, it depends on the company's mood. 12 13-year-old child soldiers were seen holding guns, they were being told to kill as per orders from the chief.

Rescue mission in Myanmar still has a long way to go.

If any Thai friends read this article, please ask your government:

  1. Why did the Mae Sot police go to the Sentra Hotel on the night of 10/12 to find someone with the photo of the girl who escaped from the scam park that day? Where did the photo come from?

  2. On 10/21, which group of Mae Sot police showed their IDs to search Room 715 of The Teak Hotel? Why? The park thought I was the secretary of the foreign embassy in Thailand but had the nerve to arrest? The Mae Sot police even dared to offer diplomats from other countries Killed? He also stole my US dollars, baht and spare passport. Remember to ask him to return me if he catches it.

  3. 11/16 Why does the Mae Sot Immigration Bureau let the people in the park go in and pick a case to sell? This is my case, and the Chinese embassy in Chiang Mai cares about it twice a day, and you dare to sell it?


Special thanks to a few benefactors.

Officer Zhan of CIB Taiwan, Taiwanese businessmen in Cambodia said that a single police officer in Cambodia has done more things in Cambodia than the entire Taiwan government put together. He actively seeks channels and methods to assist in matters that are not required by the job. He makes phone calls case by case, one by one for just grown-ups. He is almost busy untill midnight everyday.

In early October, at midnight, police officer Zhan wiped away his tears and said that he was so weak. Thinking of the other two children with backgrounds and a bunch of people that needs helping, and the other 19-year-old brother was being ignored. He felt helpless because Taiwan have got no embassy in Cambodia and thus it was very difficult.

Officer Zhan said that he has no way not to respond to those who ask him for help, even if it violates the principle, he will not hesitate. One person has changed my imagination of all police officers in the past. People who shine have a way to give to others Strength, so is the promising.

Miss Xu Caizhen, I realized that Ms. Xu was because of a female Chinese who escaped from the Asia-Pacific Park on 9/19. At that time, she had just jumped out of the window and escaped from the trapped Myawaddy Hotel. The hotel was next to the Asia-Pacific office, and no one could help. There was only enough money on her body I stayed there until the night, crying until I was trembling. When three cases from the East entered the immigration office, the GASO team evacuated Myawaddy, so I had to contact everywhere for help.

I was connected to Ms. Xu, and Ms. Xu contacted me during the election period. He met his father’s Taiwanese businessman friend, urgently arranged for Myanmar’s security vehicle to rescue him at risk, crossed the river overnight, and then returned to Bangkok by night train for seven hours and went directly back to Taiwan and paid all the expenses, thus forming a fate.

Afterwards, I began to care about the entire Myawaddy rescue operation, contributing money and efforts. Nearly half of the 20 or so cases brought back this time were related to Ms. Xu. What’s more, it was a local Taiwanese businessman who was able to sneak to Myawaddy to steal people out One difficulty after another, difficult things one after another. Every time I feel ashamed that I shouldn’t bother Ms. Xu, let him make it difficult for him to ask the Taiwanese businessman for help, but he has been bothering, and even made the living expenses and work arrangements after the case came back. It even saved my life in the end.

I never thought that in the 21st century, I would still have a chance to be killed, and even have a savior. There is not much I can do. I wanted to expose this matter earlier and let people know that Ms. Xu saved many Taiwanese. Including rescue organizations. But she told me that it is better to keep a low profile, and saving people is not for the sake of elections. Therefore, I have not said these things for a long time. Now that the election is coming to an end, I can finally express my gratitude publicly, and wish the parliamentarians high votes elected.

Founder of GASO, I act impulsively, so I am often scolded. But it has never been more severe than the time when I was scolded for more than two hours after she knew I was going to go to Myawaddy. I am obviously on the front line now, but I care about all the team members. I really feel very lucky, I feel that I am not saving people, but this thing is saving me. She made me believe that if there is a way to make fraud a worthless thing, whether it is through cutting off the flow of money, arresting people, It is still a large-scale rescue. It will have the opportunity to deter new fraudulent companies and achieve a certain degree of suppression. After all, there are people in the business of beheading, but no one in the business of losing money.

20 years ago, my high school teacher said, "Choosing a minority means the possibility of loneliness, and insisting on ideals in loneliness requires extraordinary courage and a clear heart". However, if persistence is really a valuable thing, then Be sure to tell yourself that you will never be alone.” Virtue is not alone and there must be neighbors. After 20 years, I seem to finally understand this sentence.

Finally, I would like to thank the various government agencies for their help. The police officers and secretaries stationed in Myanmar, Thailand, and foreign embassies in Ho Chi Minh. Tolerate my work with a little evil spirit. The park thinks I am the secretary in Thailand, and the Mae Sot Immigration Bureau thinks I am a Taiwan international The criminal police sometimes smuggled people or even took people to smuggle them, and even contacted the Chinese embassy. I can imagine how much pressure the officers are under, but they are not surprised.

Taiwan can really help this time. Even the cases in China, Africa, and India are troublesome. The head of our office in Thailand arranged for a vehicle to leave Mae Sot. The police expressed their gratitude. And the three girls who I got into the Myawaddy police station The follow-up was also assisted by Secretary Liu and Ambassador Li in Myanmar.

Police Officer Guo and Officer Shen of the Criminal Bureau tolerated my waywardness so much, and did not arrest me or send me to the Thai side for arrest and detention. I am really grateful for contacting and taking care of the case.

Throughout the process, member Qiu Xianzhi, the entire Qiu Office, and member Wu Lihua, especially the director of the office, Wang Xiaofeng, rushed to seek assistance for us and rescue together. Former Minister Lin Jialong donated one million to make GASO, which has only funds in total, survive. The night I was hunted down, I urgently contacted the Kachin State army to save me. Brother Bump raised funds for us and revealed the truth. Major media like BBC, VICE, Al Jazeera Hong Kong 01, and all Taiwan, Hong Kong media. I wish to be named or not to be named Taiwanese big brothers and sisters, and of course the family who tolerated my waywardness, the relatives and friends who have been caring for me, and God. Everyone is my benefactor.

I am very fortunate that at the most difficult moment, even the officers who helped me said that we need to protect ourselves first and that we must let go of individual cases, but I did not abandon anyone.

Taiwanese are really lucky, God bless this land and the people who live in this land.

It’s been a month since I came back to adjust, and I’m going to Myanmar again, I hope I can come back alive this time. I am a very ordinary person, my marriage failed, my career stopped, and I still need to work hard in life. I just want to prove that no matter how ordinary People, as long as they have the heart, have the opportunity to make contributions to other people and society. Now I believe that fraud can be eradicated, and it is not possible to arrest everyone, as long as it becomes uneconomical. I hope everyone can pay attention to this incident together.

To date, GASO has coordinated rescue missions in Myanmar for citizens of the following countries:- Taiwanese, Chinese citizens, Brazilians


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