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Plot Twist! Woman tricked her scammer right into jail after getting scammed 220k RMB

It is said that it is difficult to recover funds from telecommunications fraud, but Ms. W from Changshu, Jiangsu Province, after being defrauded of 220,000 last year, carried out an "anti-routine" against the scammer, which turned the case back. It took her 8 months to continue chatting with the scammer after being scammed. The scammer eventually fell in love with the victim. On May 15 this year, she successfully laid traps with the police and duped her scammer to return to China.

Decided to save herself after being cheated of 220,000

On September of last year, Ms. W lodged a police report claiming that she was scammed 220,000 RMB by someone she befriended with on wechat; however, the police informed her at the time that in view of insufficient evidence to the case, it would be very hard to crack.

Unwilling to back down to her harsh reality, Ms. W then decided to feign that she was scammed and continued to converse with her scammer to deliberately make him fall in love with her.

Successfully lured scammer to the police station after 8 months

Ms. W spent almost 8 months, as part of her master plan, before achieving a shocking turnaround. In May of this year, Ms. W successfully lured her scammer to return back to China. She prompted the police in advance to arrest the scammer at the high-speed rail station. Upon arrival, the scammer thought he was ready to give Ms. W a sweet hug but was greeted by the Chinese police instead.

Special Reminder The outcome of this case is extremely rare and serve only as an example. For most victims of online investment fraud, it is very hard for their funds to be returned. To protect the safety of their funds, victims need to avoid risks at the source and consciously resist all temptations.

Please remain vigilant when investing and managing finances -- especially online investments -- and do not be tempted by high returns, or click on unknown online links, or download apps from unknown sources. In general, do not transfer money so easily.


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