Post Your Scammers on Forex Peace Army

What is Forex Peace Army?

Forex Peace Army (FPA) started under the name as a forex reviews and forums site back in 2005 with the goal to honestly expose Forex Scams. It was a giant success with thousands of traders from all over the world visiting the site daily to read about others' experience with a certain forex services and to share their own. When the community grew to 50,000+ active members, FPA realized that they can ACTIVELY help to resolve scam incidents with social power and renamed the site to

Learn more about GASO's partnership with FPA ( in this article here.

The Power of Threads on FPA

Creating a thread on FPA allows victims to share their documentation and information about a scam but can do so using an alias (username of your choice). Other victims are warned and when websites and brokers names are tagged appropriately, it is easy for anyone researching a company to find the FPA thread on page 1 of Google. The FPA community participates to answer questions and help identify clues. Moderators also participate and provide guidance to users on the site. Companies can be invited by the Creator of a thread to participate directly in the thread.

How To Create A Thread?

1. Go to

a. Sign up as a new member (free to do so). Highly recommend NOT to use your real name as your username.

2. Click on “Scam” (top banner) and then “Scam Alerts”

3. Click on “Post Thread”

4. Create a title for your Thread

a. Company Name Scam (URL)

b. Example: BMO Scam (

5. Write your story. Include details of how you were contacted (via WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, FB Dating, Instagram, etc.), what you were told about investing and the current status of your situation. ALWAYS include the URL of the website or app you were told to use.

a. You can also include screenshots, phone numbers, pictures, bank account details of the scammers and any details that will be helpful to warn others.

b. DO NOT include any of your personal information.

6. Add tags before posting. These tags allow your thread to be easily found on Google and other search engines. This is helpful to other victims and anyone who is being lured into the scam but may not have yet invested.

a. You can type in any tag, up to 5, but we recommend at least 3 tags.

i. Company Name

ii. Company Name Scam (include the word scam)

iii. URL of the scam website or app (can copy and paste as a tag)

7. Post your Thread. Threads and posts by new members of FPA often get caught up in the moderation queue to prevent scammers and spammers from misusing the site.It may take up to one business day for the thread to be approved by a moderator and made visible to the public.

Good Examples of Scam Alert Threads


If you have any questions about how to use FPA, please contact us in Live Chat.