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PRESS RELEASE: GASO partnering with the Forex Peace Army

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

We are very pleased to announce that Forex Peace Army (FPA) ( will be partnering with Global Anti Scam Organization (GASO) (, combining the strengths of GASO's live chat and public advocacy with FPA's trove of resources, reviews of thousands of companies, collection of forums, and long experience dealing with fraudulent brokers. is a Chinese/English website created to support and advocate for victims of hybrid romance-investment scams originating from China and Southeast Asia to the media, public and law enforcement. The novelty of hybrid romance-investment scams and cryptocurrencies have resulted in a massive spike in scam victims worldwide beginning in late 2020. GASO, founded by victims of these scams, aims to enlighten the public on the gravity of these scams and the other schemes operated by various criminal syndicates in China, southeast Asia, and beyond. What makes GASO unique is its multilingual live-chat who can coach victims on how to report to banks and authorities, trick scammers into recovering some of their losses when still possible, and introduce victims to an active support group of peers. started in 2005 with the goal of exposing forex scams through reviews and honest forum discussion via forums threads, which allows victims to anonymously share documentation and information about a scam. The community proved to be a success, with thousands of traders from around the world visiting the site to read about others’ experiences with different forex services and actively participate, sharing their own, striving to answer other users’ questions and identify clues, allowing would-be victims to be aware of fraudulent websites and brokers and prevent future scams. The community would later grow to over 50,000 active members, revealing FPA’s social power to actively help resolve scam incidents.

Together, the two websites will work in fighting against scammers preying on today’s netizens. Online investment scams are an evolving industry that is highly adaptable to regulatory changes, increasing in sophistication, and quick to exploit the latest technologies. As it is impossible for law enforcement to handle the daily caseload, victims find themselves stranded in the wide gap between transnational cybercriminals and law enforcement, and between regulations and corporate practices. We anticipate that this partnership, as well as other such future alliances, will be critical in stemming the tide of investment scam victims.


Learn how to expose your scammers on Forex Peace Army:


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