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Soul - Hitting back at the scammers of shazhupan with strict controls

Soul and the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security (Chinese) demonstrate measures and results in combating shazhupan.

The use of social applications occupies a large part of people's daily life, chatting and playing games have also become daily necessities, but Internet frauds such as "Pig Butchering Scams" are also implicit. Soul, as a national anti-telecom network fraud alliance company, is obliged to assume the corporate responsibility of combating Internet fraud such as "Pig Butchering Scams". Through scientific combat methods, the "Pig Butchering Scams" will be disclose to the potential victims.

Soul has always attached great importance to and fulfilled the social responsibilities of the platform, and has taken a number of measures to combat fraud and other illegal and criminal activities. As a Gen Z social media platform that puts users’ network security and anti-fraud protection in a prominent position, Soul adopts special anti-fraud measures such as a multi-scenario risk control strategy system, a real-time anti-fraud platform equipped with an intelligent decision engine, and a risk profile network. Actively protect users' network security. According to the anti-fraud results disclosed by Soul at the summit, 100% of Soul's daily active users will be tested by risk control strategies since 2020. There are 500 control strategies in various scenarios, and multiple key special projects protect more than 200,000 users from risks every day. Successfully protected tens of millions of users from falling into the trap of telecom fraud, and contributed to the creation of a clean and virtuous network environment.

Zhang Gaozheng, the person in charge of Soul risk control platform, said at the summit: “Soul adheres to the principle of zero tolerance for online fraud and black property. Under the technical guidance of the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, we have established an anti-fraud special team. Shanghai Net Security has cooperated to establish an anti-fraud model, and actively cooperates with relevant departments in the investigation and handling of cases."

Soul demonstrate the measures and results of combating pig butchering scam

According to the knowledge at the summit, Soul has established a risk control system for detecting and combating fraudulent activities. It can use technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to strengthen the information recognition capabilities of text, voice, image, and video media to provide the entire chain Road risk control provides support. Behaviors such as abnormal IP logins and frequent changes of basic account information will be flagged and warned by the system. At the same time, the self-built black database of online images and the textual model of fraudsters can identify and block accounts suspected of fraud risks.

In addition to severely cracking down on criminals in the prevention and control strategy, Soul has also been committed to improving users' anti-fraud awareness. In multiple scenes of user registration, chatting, and browsing, it has shown and popularized anti-fraud knowledge to users to improve users' anti-fraud awareness.

At present, Soul adopts a manual and machine double review mechanism to identify risk information in real time. In the chat scene, Soul also set up a lot of strong reminders to improve users' vigilance against fraud and crime. If sensitive words such as "transfer" appear in the chat, a prominent logo will appear on the chat page to remind users to prevent fraud, and a dedicated team will be set up to respond to user reports as soon as possible, verify and block accounts suspected of fraud. Because the Soul platform does not have the transfer function, after the criminals contact users in Soul, they usually divert the relationship to other platforms for further fraud. Therefore, if the chat message contains an obvious diversion intention, the system will block the message for the message recipient. The recipient can only unlock and read this message after answering the questions with anti-fraud knowledge and fully understanding the risk of fraud. If the user receives high-risk information such as "transfer", a corresponding anti-fraud reminder will appear below the relevant message.

In terms of user protection education, Soul also pushes UGC for the complete life cycle of registered users. For new users who have just registered, the Soul platform system will automatically push the "Anti-Fraud Guide" to them, and transfer anti-fraud knowledge in the form of pictures and cases. For daily ordinary users, Soul has set up an anti-scam account called "Soul Official Demeanor Ball Leader", regularly issued warnings about typical online fraud, and set up a special "Soul Planet Guard" to collect information on fraudsters and scams, and constantly clean up. And through recommendations in the square, to ensure that anti-fraud knowledge reaches users.

Soul: Security warning during chat

Although it has a complete anti-fraud mechanism, Soul will also ban and other processing based on reports and other circumstances, but Soul cannot control the behavior of users outside the Soul platform. Zhang Gaozheng, the person in charge of Soul's risk control platform, also specially reminded at the summit: "Users should be careful when asked to shift to other social platforms away from Soul to prevent criminals from escaping the monitoring of the original platform and defrauding users of money. Requests for other users to transfer money, guide lottery, Be vigilant in gambling and guessing and consciously avoid network risks.”

Soul's crackdown on the pig butchering scam s is obvious to all. Soul, as a popular social application in China, has always aimed to create a good stress-free social environment. In the future, Soul will continue to focus on this, and through its own efforts, it will strive to build a social platform free of Internet fraud.

At G.A.S.O, we will continue pushing for other social media/ dating platforms to adopt to the same method like Soul.



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