Two Anti-Scam Operations in Thailand

Updated: Feb 22

From Bangkok Post

Couple arrested for procuring Thais to work for phone scammers in Cambodia

Suspect Natthakorn Duangwong, 28, is detained during a raid in Sa Kaeo on Thursday. The suspect and his wife Oyjai Khotram, 34, have been accused of luring Thai job seekers into working for a phone scam gang in Cambodia.

A combined team of police led by the Police Cyber Taskforce (PCT) raided suspected locations in Sa Kaeo to arrest members of a major phone scam network on Thursday, said Pol Gen Damrongsak Kittiprapas, deputy national police chief and director of the PCT.

The team apprehended Natthakorn Duangwong, 28 and his wife Oyjai Khotram, 34, who allegedly tricked Thais into working for the scammers in Cambodia.

The couple have been charged with colluding in illegal assembly, forcing others to act against their will with threats to their lives, illegal detention, forcing people to work as slaves or smuggling people out of the country, colluding in transnational crime and related offences.

Pol Gen Damrongsak said the operation was in line with national police chief Pol Gen Suwat Jangyodsuk’s policy to crack down on phone scam gangs preying on Thais.

A police investigation found that Mr Natthakorn and his wife had allegedly worked for a Chinese gangster, enticing Thai job seekers into working in Cambodia with a promise of high wages and comfortable jobs.

After picking them up, the couple would take the job seekers across the border to work for a phone scam gang in Cambodia, said Pol Gen Damrongsak.

The investigators have obtained evidence to substantiate charges against the couple and sought court approval to arrest them.

During questioning, police said, the suspects confessed to all charges and implicated Sukhonthanarak Nakchan, 34, a Thai man, in the scam.

Mr Sukhonthanarak had supervised and controlled scammers in Cambodia, said Pol Maj Gen Theeradet Thamsuthee, an investigation commander at Provincial Police Region 2 who joined the operation.

The operation team also searched two houses in Khok Sung district of Sa Kaeo allegedly used as safehouses for job seekers before they were smuggled across the border. Evidence collected included bank accounts in the names of Ms Chutima Pranaprakhon and Mr Thanakorn Chantharapirom, border pass documents of the two people, and a book detailing expenses.

Police took Mr Natthakorn and Ms Oyjai to point out the area where they took job seekers to cross the border to Cambodia. The area was a paddy field behind the Sadok Kok Thom ancient stone ruins in Sa Kaeo. From this area, they had to walk about 4km to reach the border.

After crossing the border, waiting Cambodian nationals would lead the Thais further inside the country.

A man who claimed he had fallen victim to a phone scam gang and then managed to escape told police he and other Thais had been made to dupe Thais into transferring money to the gangs. They had been forced to work 15 hours a day without holidays. If they resisted, they would be tortured, he told Pol Gen Damrongsak.

Police have issued arrest warrants for another 17 people allegedly involved.

Thai police capture 10 Chinese fraudsters, many others in hiding/absconding!

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On January 20, the Thai police released news that the Chinese Embassy in Thailand entrusted the Thai police to help track down and capture 17 members of a telecom fraud gang who had escaped into Thailand. The Investigation Command of the National Immigration Bureau of Thailand discovered the gang's trail after meticulous investigation. They arrested several suspects in the case and seized a large number of items after applying for 4 search warrants from the court on January 20. The details are as follows:

1. 10 suspects (6 of whom were issued with arrest warrants by the Chinese side)

2. 19 laptops.

3. 79 cell phones.

4. 167 SIM cards.

5. 300 pieces of signal transmitters, online gambling tokens tools, etc.

6. 20 pieces of luxury watches.

7. 10 bank books.

8. 3 cars and a motorcycle.

It is reported that the Immigration Police, Tourism Police, and Technology Crime Suppression Police jointly conducted the operation and arrested seven suspects on the 3rd and 20th floors of the luxury apartment located in Lane 39, Sukhumvit Road. The investigation found that a number of suspects had set up online gambling websites, and two others who were under arrest warrants had left Thailand early, while the police will continue to arrest the remaining suspects who are still inside Thailand.

The suspects have admitted that they were hired to engage in online gambling and telecom fraud, which has led to hundreds of victims, using Thailand as their base to commit online fraud with a liquidity of over 100 million baht per month. These hired people are paid 20,000-50,000 baht per month, and the gang members take turns to enter the job instead, but the longest has stayed for more than a year. As for the house in question, it was rented from Thais for five months, and police are also investigating whether the landlord is involved in the scam.

In addition, police arrested three other Chinese suspects at two houses in Naniwa and Nakniwas and Makkasan districts, for a total of 10 arrests. Police said there are still several suspects wanted by the Chinese side still hiding in Thailand and police will continue to focus on arresting them. (Compiled by Zhongtai; Sources Thai National Immigration Bureau, Sanook, Station1, etc.)

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