How to dispute with the bank?

Call the bank asap once you found out you were scammed. 
Tell the bank which date and which transaction/amount were related to the scam. 
Tell the bank you have reported the scam to the police and FBI. 
If you remit the funds out through cryptocurrency platform, report to the bank that cryptocurrency platforms (such as Binance, Coinbase, Cypto, Gemini, etc) should take the responsibility as well. The dispute points as below(we take binance as example): 

  • These transactions into Binance company were part of a cryptocurrency scam, even though it was placed in a good faith and hard to believe it was a fraudulent purchase.

  • After several days’ investigation, there are plenty and verifiable evidence along with other victims indicating this is a cryptocurrency scam. 

  • I tracked the downstream wallet, which was report xx times for fraud, and Binance ignored the problems and they didn’t do anything to investigate or close the fraud wallet. Instead, Binance locked my account without any explanation. 

  • Binance has a big loophole that makes it easy for the scammers to do money laundering and allows scam site to launder funds to their platform. Such merchant was contributed to fraudulent practices and did not have any safety precautions in place to protect myself and others from this happening. 

Therefore, the fraud transaction should be investigated and refunded from Binance.

If you remit the funds by wire to the scammer’s bank account, and the bank argue that the transaction was authorized and they do not take any responsibility, the dispute points as below (This is a little hard, you must learn your bank policy rules): 

  • I authorised the transaction without knowing that it's a fraudulent account, We do not condone checking the box as "unauthroised transaction" depending on your individual argue point but however the bank will find out eventually. ***Global Anti-Scam Org will not hold responsbility on the box that you have decided to check.

  • There is no alert from the bank systems that scammers’ bank accounts have issues 

  • There was no warning from the banks when huge transfers were made to the bank. 

  • I require the fraud investigation asap such as freezing the scammer’s bank account and reverse the wire transfer. 

  • Above information/points just for your reference. So far, only the US banks have successful cases. For any other banks in other countries, please research the bank fraud protection policy.

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