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Beware of recovery scams

  • Strangers who claimed to be a police officer and could help you escalate your case by paying for a small fee; Members in the group chat who approach you that he/she could help you investigate by paying for a small fee;

  • Phone calls from banks asking you for your bank account details and your credit card details in full;

  • Strangers who claimed to be hackers and could hack into the scammer system;

  • Lawyers; that could help you out but could not provide their addresses and details;

  • Anti-Scam groups who invites a group of victims to pay for any fees upfront.

  • Recovery companies who could help you recover certain amount on the condition that you pay an upfront fee to your Binance account; they would asked victims to remit another 10k to the account and scammed them again.

Scam companies sell our data to third party companies to scam us again therefore victims will be receiving other phone calls or messages such as:-

Fake DHL calls

Fake "High Court"

Low interest loans

Phishing attacks

Please be wary and not pick up any unfamilar contact numbers.

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