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Director of Anhua Bureau - Yunan to persuade scammers to return home


July 15 to July 19, 2021, Comrade Zhang Qiang, deputy magistrate of Anhua County, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the County Public Security Bureau, led the county government office and the township party of Meicheng, Qingtang, Changtang, and Malu, etc. The chief political officer went to Yunnan to supervise the personnel involved in fraudulent dens in northern Myanmar to persuade them to return home.

Comrade Zhang Qiang extended condolences to all members of the special class for the county's work in Yunnan, and expressed gratitude to all members of the special class for their hard work and staying away from their hometown under the conditions of severe epidemics in parts of Yunnan and high epidemics in Myanmar. Subsequently, Comrade Zhang Qiang listened to the recent work reports of the members of the special class one by one. The party and government leaders of the four townships gave speeches on how to increase their efforts to persuade the return and force the personnel involved in fraudulent dens in northern Myanmar.


Comrade Zhang Qiang emphasized: First, to strengthen leadership, we must deepen our understanding. The principals in charge of the party and government of all towns and townships must clearly understand the importance of persuading, intercepting, and controlling personnel from the dens in northern Myanmar, and maintain unabated efforts and progress on the basis of existing work. Control the increase, reduce the inventory, persuade the returnees, and control the returnees, to ensure that the forced investment and return work is really implemented and real results can be seen. Second, the measures must be tough and the methods must be varied. It is necessary to do everything possible to carry out work, make full use of big data analysis, and actively connect with provincial departments and departments, and timely feedback information to relevant townships.

It is necessary to establish and improve a mechanism to persuade return and an accountability mechanism for personnel stranded in the dens in northern Myanmar, continue to supervise and rectify key towns and villages with prominent problems, and make every effort to solve the outstanding problems of the county's fraud-related personnel. The third is that special classes cannot be withdrawn, and the intensity of platooning needs to be strengthened.

Special classes must come up with a reasonable operation plan, do everything possible to mobilize resources, strengthen source control, and build a strict prevention and control network. It is necessary to strictly investigate personnel, implement comprehensive management, list key towns and villages with prominent problems for remediation, and get through the stranded dens in northern Myanmar to force the "last mile" to work and persuade them to return. The fourth is to create an atmosphere of persuading return, and the publicity and guidance should be prominent. It is necessary to give full play to the various forces of village committees and well-known business people in towns and towns, and comprehensively use methods such as the appearance of returnees from northern Myanmar, posting notices, WeChat group push, anti-fraud propaganda, etc., strengthen publicity and guidance, and create a strong atmosphere of forced return Ensure that the expected work objectives are achieved.

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