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Does kindness really deserve to be deceived?

A friend of mine texted me yesterday that she got scammed a total of 30,000,she woke up right at the moment when the money got transferred out from her bank accounts.

However, the scammers still used various reasons to entice her to transfer money and invest again. Just like what she said, it is enough to be fooled once, and will never be fooled a second time. The scammers were very anxious, but could not do anything to her.

The victim than proceeded to exposed his lies and identity, what she didn't expect was that the scammers wasn't furious nor delete her immediately. Instead, the scammer shared his experience in northern Myanmar and the fraudulent work every day.

The scammer said that he was actually cheated by a friend. Upon arriving Myanmar, he learned that If he fails to achieve sales target he will then not be provided with any food and he will beaten and reprimand by his supervisors. She asked the scammers why they didn't want to return to China? Why don't you want to go home? Scammers say that going home is not so easy, and it is even more impossible to return to China. Because the place where they live is guarded, you can't get out 24 hours online at all. Scammers revealed that he tried to ran out several times but got arrested and beaten up when he got caught back.

The only way to get out of the fraud Company is to pay the fraud Company a total of 80,000 RMB redemption fee. Scammer mentioned that he had tried to loan from his family and friends but had no luck in doing so.

It might be due to weeks of communications between the scammer and the girl, she then seemed to sympathize with the scammers and wanted to help save that scammer.

When I first learned about the news, I was apparently awake.

It's not that we are cruel, but the truth is there is absolutely no way to verify if they are speaking the truth. All we have is a fake contact number and their voice.

What happens if the scammers blocked my my friend after she wired the money over to his account? Then, this is going to be another scam and who is going to be responsible?

After-all, we don't even know how he looks like!

I then proceed to remind my friend that the scammer did not show any mercy to you when you got scammed.

Every one of us have a kind heart. But sometimes kindness are being used at the wrong place and the wrong person, which may be a burden, and it may be a harm to oneself.

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