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Hierarchy system of the scam companies for "shazhupan"

Scammers interfacing daily with targets on dating apps and social media are referred internally as the "sales" department and "Dog push" (狗推).

Agents hierarchy:

  • Second-level agent (less than 10 salesmen under its own)

  • First-level agents (including second-level agents and more than 10 salesmen)

  • Branch in charge (commonly known as Gouzhuang, all agents and direct salesmen, the number of customer service departments in the financial department of the logistics department ranges from 30 to 100)

  • Group company owner (commonly known as Gouzhuang, subsidiary company, software web design and development, money laundering, etc.)

  • Scam companies would often employ acquaintances or dog push who are from the same town or province,. Within 3 months, you must either have performance or recruit new people, and you will have nothing to do.

Scam business hierarchy system and tasks

  • Salesperson, also known as "dog push" - Their routine when they step into the office would be to add strangers from social media platform, screen the finance background of the target, chat and make victims fall in love with them. Commission sales range from 9-25% depending on the tier structure.

  • Supervisors (Responsible for guiding newcomers, coach fraud techniques, and "finishing off" the victims" i.e. the closers getting victims to remit capital to the fraud website.) Commission sales ranging from 9-25% depending on the tier structure.

  • Management/Director - Responsible for daily operations, recruitment; managing each team leader, brainwashing and influencing the employees, coaching fraud techniques, and tracking progress of invididual victims). Commission sales ranging from 5-10% depending on the tier structure.

  • Boss (The one who decides the various types of frauds to do for the year), types of punishments for the "dogs push". Bosses gets up to 91% of money scammed by the dogs push.


  • Sales - responsible for scamming

  • IT - they control the figures you see on the platform; responsible for the maintainance of the website.

  • Money laundering - responsible for dealing with the money laundering company which are usually outsource for bank accounts and/or crytocurrency e-wallets in charge to sell the funds within 48 hours of transaction.

Daily Influence

  • Singing collectively after work; usually an inspirational song, a song of unity;

  • After the meeting, singing, and the daily summary meeting after getting off work, employees will then do a couple of slogans;

  • Employees are heavily brainwashed to thinking that they are mentor of the "victims" who taught us not to trust anyone online.


  • Personal phones are seized by the Company upon first day of arrival, employees are allowed to use their personal phone once every 3 days or never.

  • Phototakings are forbidden at work;

  • Employees are monitored by cctv at all times;

  • Must not contact "customers" privately;

  • Worked 7 days a week with no off days, from 12pm to 11pm except for Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival.

  • Forbidden to add colleagues personal wechat account to their personal phone.

Disciplinary action for violation

  • Compensation to redeemed freedom at the "dog push" own expense before leaving the Company, electric batons beatings, severe beatings, confinement in a small room before starving them for days; partial hand amputation; fingers, legs, and or other lethal methods;

  • Some companies instigate drugs on the "dogs push" to control them and/or using the drugs on them before pushing them off the building to look like an unnatural death;

  • Buried them alive at the forest nearby.

  • Women "dog push" were coerced to engage in sexual activity with the male "dog push"

One of the compensation required to leave the Company that were circulated on the Internet.

Dogs push who hit top sales

  • Those who performed well are often rewarded with free prostitution; a day out to the nearby casinos.

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