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Scammers "efforts" are beyond your imagination...

In the past, telecommunications scams targets only chinese nationals but were seen emerging to scamming foreigners. On July 21, 2021, Gaoxing Public Security Bureau arrested a group of telecommunications group in China.

According to relevant clues and preliminary investigations, the public security arrested two telecommunications fraud gangs who uses foreign trade companies names in two buildings A and B of an office building, and arrested 34 people at the scene.

Through preliminary investigations, it was revealed that two people from Hunan who had a history of fraud frequently entered and exited the office building. Twenty or thirty people in the same group are all Hunan nationals. Although they are registered with the company, their working hours are extremely abnormal.

Chinese police brought the suspects back for investigation and discovered that the fraud company targets their victims from South East Asia and Americans, leading the victims to fake investment platforms.

Language translated softwares, world maps, time zones were seen at the crime scene. Police revealed that this group of scammers have been active from April to June 2021.

The police also found 93 computers, 58 cell phones, sim cards and were using VPN routed to Taiwan.

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