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Things to do after you got scammed

Report the scam

Reporting is an important step. It puts you in touch with people who can give advice specific to your situation. It also helps other people avoid similar scams.

Worldwide Report Guide / Useful Help URL After You Got Scammed

Contact your bank

If you have just remitted the funds to the fraudulent website, contact your bank to reverse the transactions or get the bank to hold the funds. At the same time check if your bank provides fraud protection policy.

Seeking help from bank

Cryptocurrency Transfers

If you have remitted your funds through crypto i.e. BTC/ ETH, please trace the e-wallet addresses of your scam company via the following url and convince your local authority to freeze the e-wallet: 

Step by Step / Crypto trace Guidebook to the big boss final wallet by IIdi

Report BTC Address

Where to report :

Copy your scam address.

Abuse Type : Choose “blackmail scam” or “other : investment scam”

Abuser : Name of the broker (use the same name for one group)

Description : Example

“The address is linked to a romance trading scam operated in South East Asia. The money received on these addresses belongs to victims and will be used by criminals for money laundering. Do not accept any transaction from this address. We ask crypto exchanges to refuse operations from these addresses or freeze the wallets. The scam brokers are

Report USDT address :

Where to report :

Search for address, click “more” and then “Report / Flag”

Insert your email

Phishing address : enter USDT address again

Proof of scam : Make a Google Drive with all screenshot proof from customer service who gave you the address or the chat with the telecom scammer. Without proof that the address is a scam, you can’t report. Put the link of the Google drive in the Form

URL : example :,,


Visit OpenCorporates to search for the shell companies, report to the police in the country of the shell company.

Equip yourself to recognize scams

Check out "About the scam" to understand how you got scammed and how the scam companies operate.

Most frequently asked questions 



Your Personal Data

Scam companies sell your data to third party company, you are expected to receive spam messages / random phone calls from other scam companies who are out to scam you, again. Do not click on any random messages and emails, or pick up any random phone calls claiming that they are your friends or loan companies. 

Compromising photos / videos 

Disable all your social media accounts immediately such as instagram and facebook, and lay low for the next 3 months. Your photos and videos will be used to blackmail you through Facebook and Instagram.

Identity Theft 

If you have given your driving licenses, passport, ID card to the Customer Service, please contact your local authority and have a new one replaced as such particulars might be used to register for bank accounts and/or register for a phone number that may get prosecuted. 

Be wary of recovery scams  

Learn more about recovery scams to avoid being scammed again.

We DO NOT recommend working with Money Recover Services. These organizations, also called Asset, Debts or Fund Recovery companies are often scams themselves or dubious at best:

  • They give you the impression that it is easy to get your money back.

  • If you paid with a credit or debit card or PayPal, it is usually easy and you do not need them.

  • If you paid with cryptocurrency or bank transfer, it is nearly impossible to get your money back, especially if you paid more than a few days ago.

  • All paperwork still has to be done by you. Their added value is often limited.

  • In some cases, financial service providers do not want to work with them, making it even harder to get your money back.

Do NOT work with Money Recovery Companies


Help us by filling out the survey form below so we know where to write to your country's media and/or dating platform to urge them to put up a warning notice. Data will be used to find out who we are as a group, and how we lobby our case to the media, law enforcement (e.g. FBI), financial reform advocates, influencers, and lawmakers. Most think that people who fell for the scam are just old, simple-minded or plain greedy. That gives too little credit to how good these scammers planned the whole scam. We want to show that we are responsible people from every walk of life, and for some of us, the situation is very, very desperate.


Support Group

Join our global support group or hit the "Live Chat" button at the bottom left of the page. We are open 24/7 and will provide you with information, and advice for victims of crime.

For USA victims only: Organize and save all your evidence to deduct on your tax returns

2021 Tax Filing Guide

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