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Victims - Most frequently asked questions (Part 2)

1. The scammer has my ID card, bank account number, phone number, photo, etc. What are the possible risks involve? Do I need to cancel?

We strongly advise victims to include in your police statement that you have given your ID to the fraud Company during the registration to keep as a record. Some scammed companies sell personal information to credit companies therefore you tend to receive text messages on taking up the loan or contact you if you needed a loan. We suggest you blocked unknown numbers who text you.

2. I feel like my officer in charge is not reliable; can I proposed to changed the investigation officer in charge?

Each police officer has a different jurisdiction; seeing it is not necessarily the truth. It takes time for the investigation officer to trace for the money trails and contact the suspects down for questioning.

3. Can I take a picture of the statement that I've made with the police?

No, because the case materials are classified information therefore they cannot be photographed. The police keep it confidential, so don't worry about leaking the information. Don't worry about other people knowing that you are being scammed.

4. The investigation officer kept repeating that my case is still on-going investigation whenever I asked.

The investigation of the case and the methods of investigation are all secrets and are not disclosed to the public. Every industry has its own confidentiality and professional standards, which need to be followed. I hope everyone understands the police and their difficulties. Give them some time to investigate.

5. How do you know if the scammer has installed a Trojan horse in the phone to remotely control the phone?

The scammers are not that smart ass in their technology; we advise you to install anti-virus if you are not at ease.

6. For those victims who joined the fraud group investment in LINE/ Whatsapp, and/or were told by the scammer that the investment failed and its normal that you made the loss. What do I do for such cases?

Please visit our list of scam website page for the list, please contact us if you did not see the website on the list and we will check for you without charge. All fraud companies have got one thing in common - victims will have to go communicate with the customer service to deposit and/or withdraw. Save the chatlogs and report to the police.

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