• Presents themselves as good-looking Asian men/women 

  • Pretends to be a wealthy and successful business owner/investor 

  • Invests in cryptocurrency, forex, or gold as a hobby or side job 

  • Generously shares selfies, food, and location photos 

  • Is looking for a serious relationship 

  • Fluent in Chinese, usually broken English 

  • Lives in Chinatown, in your country, or overseas 

  • Likes to discuss market movements with you and sends screenshots of candlestick charts ("K-line" charts) or math formulas 

  • Too busy to meet yet, but promises to in the near future 

  • Too shy for video chats because of past trauma 


  • Greets you every morning and every night 

  • Confesses their love within 1-2 weeks and calls you wife, baby, pet names, etc. 

  • Open about their own finances (assets are always much bigger than yours) 

  • Talks a lot about chance and fate 

  • Says you're not dreaming big enough, but you can dream together now 

  • Wants to exchange naughty pictures with you 

  • Invites you to a new third-party website or app they use to invest, or to a broker on MT4 / MT5 

  • Customer service is on third-party website or on WhatsApp, responsive 24/7 

  • Can lend you money, a demo account, or their account to try first 

  • Coaches you to buy crypto on a legitimate exchange 

  • Coaches you to send your crypto or wire funds into their platform 

  • Teaches you how to trade and when to trade on their schedule 

  • Once you deposit real money, you can earn and withdraw profits initially, even up to $10,000 

  • May suggest that you invite friends and family to this opportunity 


  • You are informed of a limited-time bonus, overnight, or couples' package with a high minimum deposit 

  • To help you make the minimum, they or the platform will "loan" you money (all inside the platform) 

  • After $5,000 - $10,000, you can no longer withdraw because extra verification fees, taxes, etc. are needed 

  • You may suddenly lose a lot in one day 

  • When you complain, they guilt you, blame you, gaslight you, berate you, shame you or doubt your commitment to them 

  • They may claim that their investments are also stuck but assure you that in their experience, the platform will allow withdrawals after paying  

  • To help you pay, they "lend" you money (inside the platform) 

  • They coach you into borrowing from family/friends, selling your assets/home/car, or getting loans (saying it is for home improvement, not for investment) 

  • If you decline, they may threaten you with any sensitive pictures you've sent 


  • Will tell you that you still owe more (withdrawal fee, tax fee, security fee, verification fee, etc.) 

  • They ask you to return money they "lent" you 

  • They deny being a scammer or claim they are victims as well 

  • They may even call you the scammer! 

  • They block you and the platform will lock you out of your account 

  • If any of this sounds familiar to you, you are a victim. Feel free to reach out to us for support via Live Chat in the bottom right corner of the screen. 

Victim Statistics

  • Average loss per victim: USD$98,703

  • 70% of victims are women ages 25 - 40

  • 56% of victims have a bachelor’s degree

  • 36% of victims met their scammer on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp

pig butchering scam victims age and gender.png

Proof provided by victims