Modern Slavery
Job Scam

Semi-legal, Chinese-owned businesses in Southeast Asia employ hundreds thousands of indentured guest workers, primarily from China, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand, to patiently drive victims into their fraudulent online investments. Many are recruited through deception and then held captive to run the illicit online businesses, mainly in Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Dubai, the Philippines, and Malaysia to conduct criminal activities

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  • Online job ads based in overseas promising high salaries ie:- Croupiers, translators, part time jobs (e-commerce purchase), online marketing - introducers for casinos, human resource management

  • In-person recruiters 

  • Friends and family

  • Money lenders

How does it start?


  • Passports and personal phones confiscated upon arrival

  • Leaving the compound is prohibited

  • Made to work 15 hours a day

  • Starve for days

  • Beaten up and taser by electronic baton

  • Extortion

  • Made to remove all clothing to record video 

  • Drugged and raped

  • Murdered

What exactly went down


  • Constant supervison

  • Fear

  • Forced to exort from family and sell off to other scam org

  • Corruption from the local government and police 

Problems faced


Those who smuggled will be detained at immgration for months 

Valuables may be stolen 

Given cramped space with no beds

Bribe your way home


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