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For victims: Please fill out your information accurately in order for us to loop you in with the right group. If you want to join our *peer* support group, contact the live chat here or on our Facebook page, and be prepared to give additional verification.

What we do with your report?

We group victims who sent to the same crypto addresses or scam syndicate together, and will proceed to send you an email should you fall into the list of potential bulk case that we currently have leads on.


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Please do not manually type IDs as a missing number / letter would lead to invalid addresses and we will not be able to check for you.


Date: 20-Aug-21

Amount: SGD 300,000


DBS Bank Ltd




TXID: asfjsdgjsdgj3234sjdfjds, asfjsdgjsdgj3234sjdfjds, asfjsdgjsdgj3234sjdfjds, asfjsdgjsdgj3234sjdfjds

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