Our Story

Global Anti-Scam Organization was founded in June 2021 to support people around the world devastated by cybercrimes. The founder, a victim herself, created the site in gratitude to a Taiwanese support group who helped her back into the light.


As Shāzhūpán victims kept surging throughout 2021, the number of volunteers continued to grow as well, and the Global Anti-Scam Organization (GASO) was formed. Joined now by about 70 volunteers worldwide, GASO has been incorporated in USA as a non-profit to support, organize and advocate for Shāzhūpán victims. GASO as of April 2022 has connected with 1,483 victims worldwide, amounting to $256 million in losses --an average of $172,000 per victim.

If you find our work valuable, please consider donating, volunteering, or partnering with us.

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To support victims devastated by online relationship-investment frauds;


To fight against human trafficking connected with the online scams industry in Southeast Asia;

To expose the latest social engineering techniques and technology abuses in Asia;

To help with institutional consumer protections;

To end the online scams industry in Southeast Asia.


GASO aims to be a resource  for the public, law enforcement, regulators and decision-makers about the situation and trends of cybercrime in Asia.

To become a repository of criminal data and victims support group, and to establish an online "hotline" for scam victims and human trafficking victims.


Optimism: We believe empowered people is key to building stronger communities. 

Assertiveness: We strive to embody a culture of confidence, relentlessly going after scammers while supporting victims of cybercrimes and trafficking.

Acceptance: We believe in the power of acceptance and will not target or shun any residents from any geographic area.

Growth: We will use a multidisciplinary and innovative approach to combatting scammers.

What we do 

Prevention and Awareness

We guide people how to spot a scam, how to adjust if they find themselves in one, and how to report to authorities and gather evidence. In online investment scams today, there is an interactive “gamification” that simulates, and the user gets to go through it and try to not get scammed. The “aha” moment of this, is to show people how easy it is to be pulled in. And, therefore, educate them firsthand on what it feels like. Scam victims are often treated with no mercy, as the common belief is that it was their fault. This victim blaming stance completely ignores the fact that the victim is indeed a victim of a well-orchestrated crime.

Community and Support

We provide a safe place for victims to talk openly and freely. These community and support groups will take place both virtually, utilizing ZOOM groups, and in-person. The goal is to help victims get back to their normal lives before the incident and offer a safe space to pour their hearts out and provide relevant documents that are useful for their cases

Justice Reform

We work with law enforcement around the world to bring human traffickers and cybercriminals to justice


We rescue victims who were held captive and trafficked run by criminal syndicates 


Meet the team behind the scenes of G.A.S.O, who work 24/7 around the clock to bring awareness globally. To date, G.A.S.O has more than 80 core members globally. 

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”— Phil Jackson 

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