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Our Story

GASO started as in June 2021 in response to the surge of "pig-butchering" scams outside China. The creator, a victim herself, resolved to fight back against the cybercrime and human trafficking companies in Southeast Asia (SEA) behind the crimes. She initially organized an almost all-female team of volunteer live chat agents, victim support group leaders, scam-baiters and investigators, mostly from Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia. 

By October 2021 GASO rapidly grew its media and investigations teams, drawing many from the US, which had the largest number of victims and monetary losses. To better support its work GASO incorporated as a US non-profit in early 2022. By April that year, GASO connected with 1,483 victims worldwide, totaling $256 million in losses --averaging $173,000 per victim.

As GASO uncovered more and more of the global money laundering networks and slave compounds in SEA doing the scams, it started educating the public and law enforcement of its findings. The perpetrators are not simply in a scam call center in Laos or a "technology park" in Myanmar. GASO is fighting a multi-billion dollar industry that is enriching some of the elites in Asia.

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To support victims devastated by cybercrimes from SEA;


To expose the latest social engineering techniques in Asia and inform consumer protections;

To defeat the human trafficking and cybercrime industry in SEA.


Support. Recovery. Justice.

A community where victims are understood and feel safe

A world where governments do work together against cybercrime and human trafficking syndicates in SEA

A time when cybercriminals have nowhere to feel safe, in SEA or online


Prevent. Protect. Prosecute.

Drive public awareness

Blacklist fraud websites


Hotline for scam and human trafficking victims worldwide


Group case consolidation


Cryptocurrency tracing and freezing


Rescue trafficking victims


Field intelligence gathering

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What has GASO done?

  • GASO live chat has prevented dozens of victims from sending millions more in USD to fraudsters

  • GASO has consolidated approximately 10 big group cases that includes ~600 victims, which were accepted by law enforcement.

  • Knowledge of GASO on the SEA scam industry has "greatly shortened years of investigative efforts" --a US federal agent

  • GASO has rescued 63 trafficked victims of SEA scam companies in Cambodia and Myanmar.

  • In one month of working with a California prosecutor, GASO’s tracing led to timely freezing of suspect wallets based on 4 California victim reports, intercepting ~$600,000. Seizure by law enforcement is pending.

  • GASO has established relationships with 2 major cryptocurrency exchanges for requesting temporary freezes

  • Criminal Investigation Bureau in Taiwan acknowledged GASO for solving a case, leading to the arrest of an international fraud syndicate operating in Taiwan.

  • Taipei City police thanked GASO for its tip that saved some Taiwanese at the airport from proceeding to scam jobs in Cambodia

Many more to list, and MANY more we still have to do...




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