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Scammers SOP when they got exposed

We complied a list of SOP that are regularly used by the scammers:-

1. Video Chat

Scammers will brain wash their victims by saying "I do not liked to be questioned, there is no need for me to do a video chat". Reason being, the photos are not even themselves!

2. WeChat

Scammers will say "I haven't use WeChat for a long time", "I don't use WeChat", "I don't have the app". Reason being, the app itself is heavily monitored by the government as such scammers will never use WeChat to communicate with you.

2. Stolen photos

We have encountered some popular profiles used by the scammers however scammers will say "My profile photos always got stolen by someone for no reason."

3. Commit suicides/ Cut wrist

Scammers will tell you that they will commit suicide if you refuse to pay the security fee/ withdrawal fee and such. They will even show you a picture that is already in their library that they attempt to cut their wrist and is currently in the hospital. This again is one of their tricks, try paying the 3x less and I guarantee you that you will get blocked for good.

4. Please help me deposit 500 into the platform

We have encountered scammers who begged to helped them deposit 500 into the platform to save them for 2 months or they will get beaten up in view of no sales.

5. Loan 200,000 RMB from you

Scammers will try to seek loan from you to pay off the debts from their Company so that they could go back home. But in actual fact, its just another scam. We have kind victims who loan and got blocked again.

Lastly, we would like to remind victims who are still living in a fantasy world, we know it is hard to accept reality, but good looking people will never have to resort to adding you and also make money for you. They are professionally trained; you are not dealing with 1 scammer, but an organized team with the sole purpose of scamming every last penny out of you.

Creating a dream illusion is part of their strategy; we hereby attached one of the photos where we expose the scammer and he still refuse to concede.


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