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A citizen in Ulanqab, Mongolia committed suicide

The Chayouqianqi Public Security Bureau cracked an online fraud case with the assistance of police in many places. The suspect used high return investment as a bait to attract victims to invest to the platform

On 2020, September, .a victim of Ulanqab, Mangolia committed suicide at home. The police ruled out the possibility of homicide during the process of dispatching the police. However, the policeman who handled the case found out that he had intended to buy a house or car before committing suicide, relying on his previous experience in handling cases. , The policeman who handled the case realized that there might be other reasons for the suicide, and then found something strange in the phone of the deceased. There were a lot of transfer and borrowing information in the phone of the deceased.

Through further investigation, it was discovered that the victim was induced through WeChat groups to trade stocks on an informal platform on the Internet, and were confirmed to be a victim of the "Pig Slaughter Scam" which eventually led to tragedy.

The case attracted the attention of the Public Security Department. The police of the Economic Investigation Section of quickly organized a team of members to investigate.

Subsequently, the Public Security Bureau set up a task force to go to Fujian, Zhejiang and other places to carry out investigation work. Through careful investigation, it was finally determined that this was an online fraud group who were operating in overseas. The group was guilty of investing in stocks and futures under the name of stock speculation. In the implementation of fraud, Lin XX is currently arrested in Fujian, and other overseas suspects are under further investigation.

In response to the endless fraud cases, Chayouqianqi Public Security Bureau also reminded the general public to be more vigilant. Wealth management, stocks, futures, and securities all have risks, and investment needs to be cautious, especially online investment.

In cases such as network fraud, the police will also strengthen cooperation, innovate tactics, improve investigation efficiency, strengthen preventive measures, and carry out a comprehensive attack on telecommunication network fraud crimes, and further enhance the public's sense of security.

Li Yanqing, deputy head of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Chayouqianqi Public Security Bureau, told reporters, “Although the amount involved in this case is not too large, this case fully demonstrates the long-term persistence of the Chayouqianqi Public Security Bureau to catch major and small cases.

This work philosophy has accumulated experience and trained the team for such cases in the future. Here we remind the general public to be more vigilant, watch and learn more from the public security telecommunication network fraud reports, and don’t be greedy for petty gains, especially when investing in stocks It must be carried out through formal channels and on the right track.” (Finance Media reporter Zhang Kaiyan and Cao Wenkao)


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