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Taiwanese raped by [HuanYa] in Myawaddy rescued whereas the suspects operate freely

The most difficult part of the rescue operation is how to bring people back to home safely from a foreign country where they were imprisoned, but seeing the rescued children, in addition to their scarred bodies, is the most painful thing for people. Fortunately, with the company and support of the members and the Women's Rescue Foundation, some of these victims brave the dark and regain their lifes back.

Locked in a tiny room, a group of men were talking and laughing as they took their pants off, and some of them even opened the door with a disgusting smile. A light shone on my face. I just stared blankly at the dark room, grabbing my hand tightly. Only my chest was covered by the clothes that were not torn, and gradually, the light gradually became thinner and finally disappeared.

  [Constantly being raped and humiliated, why should I suffer this? How do I survive?]

Xiaojing (pseudonym) returned to Taiwan after eight months, but her wrists, which were once gorgeous and neatly cut with fashionable hairstyles, are now covered with large and scars. The injury not only shattered her dream of being a designer, but the growing belly under the clothes forced her to face too cruel choices.

She dropped out of high school and joined the hairdressing industry. They are all eager to start a career as soon as possible. After all, unlike other friends of the same age, she has family support. She has established herself early and clearly understands that she cannot get any help from her family. She did not expect that in order to help his colleague Xiao Chen, she would incur hundreds of thousands of debts. The savings in the past few years turned from black to red overnight. At this time, a designer she knew introduced a job opportunity, although the workplace is abroad, the Thailand company said that it can pay off her debt, and then deduct it from future wages. Xiao Jing and Xiao Chen then board the plane to Thailand.

  The next five months were like hell on earth. The location was not Bangkok, Thailand, but the notorious Myawaddy Park. The job was not a hair stylist assistant but romance-investment scam whereby victims from all around the world were lured to MT5 platforms before disappearing into the thin air.

Under the guise of many names, salary is deducted through unreasonable means, and "punishment" will be carried out at every turn, not the kind of simple fines or corporal punishment. Some boys were beaten and was seriously injured, some were sent to the hospital, while girls will be locked up in a suffocating cell. In the small black room, I watched a group of jovial men open the door in despair, a beam of light shone on the torn clothes, gradually, the light gradually became thinner, and finally disappeared.

  It was only after a month later, GASO received an emergency help from Xiaojing. Through hard work, we contacted the local army to rescue the Xiaojing, She was then sent to Thailand because of the expired visa. The bureau was closed for an extra month, and it was three months after she left the compound that she finally returned to Taiwan.

One month before returning to Taiwan, Xiao Jing was informed that she was pregnant. Left penniless and helpless, she really can't figure out how to raise the child, facing the pressure of the deadline for induction of labor, it is not only the belly that makes Xiaojing suffered. She was questioned by all sorts of questioning by different agencies of the law agencies, lawyers and media outlets. In the end, she is alone again pressured by everyone while deciding if the baby should be kept.

Xiaojing was later accompanied by one of our members to the hospital for abortion.

  Xiaojing is not the first girl and will not be the last girl to suffer from the act. It is not true like what the media says about us wanting to scam. I was not aware neither some others who are in the same compound as me. Xiaojing has returned to Taiwan, and her plan is to study to enrich herself and to engage in the tourism industry in the future, because her original intention is not to make money by deceiving people, but to use her own ability to bring laughter to others.

Her experience may have cost her many losses. However, within the vast sea of ​​people, there will always be someone who will push you down the abyss without warning, and turn around before you fall, only to find that it is a friend or relative you have known for more than ten years; but there will also be someone who will try their best , and even pull you back from the abyss by all means, even if he doesn't know you at all, or even someone who has never seen.

In Cambodia alone, more than 12,000 young people aged 18-35 from Taiwan have gone to Taiwan. A large part of them has not yet returned to their country, either voluntarily or involuntarily, for any reason. Facing the situation of declining birth rate, a large part of Taiwan's youth labor force has been taken out, but the society is unaware of it. It was not until the cruel information returned and spread through the media that the country gradually became aware of it. There is no other reason. Most of these people are already on the margins of society. Those who are out of school, unemployed, from problem families, in debt, or in small groups that are closed and have limited environmental resources. (Orphans, Aboriginals, Lesbians etc)

The bigger problem has yet been resolve, the crime syndicates whom everyone knows what they were doing in the compound are still operating freely citing cross boder and many other reasons. How many of them are still at large and when will justice ever come?

- Edited by Jeff, Venus, Joanne


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