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College student embezzled 1.85 million yuan of public funds and was defrauded in Pig Butchering Scam

[Reporters Fang Zhixian, Xu Lijuan / Kaohsiung Report]

Kaohsiung Wenzao University of Foreign Languages ​​Bilianhui officials suspected of embezzling graduates’ public funds for renting gowns and taking graduation photos, amounting to approximately 1.85 million yuan. Female college students were suspected of being defrauded on the gaming website and reported to the police for investigation. The school stated that Bi Lianhui has reached a consensus with the female college student and her parents. The parents agreed to refund the misappropriated fees in installments. The rights and interests of recent graduates such as taking photos and renting dresses will not be affected.

A clarification message signed by the Wenzao University of Foreign Languages ​​Bilianhui was circulated on the Internet recently, pointing out that the Bilianhui’s general secretary misappropriated public funds due to personal factors, and other officials had no knowledge beforehand until they were notified to the police station on November 29. After confirmation, she learned that she had misappropriated public funds.

The Bi Lianhui pointed out that a coordination meeting was held with the chief of affairs and the parents, and the parents agreed to return all the misappropriated funds within the agreed time according to the negotiated repayment plan. Bi Lian will do its utmost and responsibility to ensure that the rights and interests of taking graduation photos, gifts and deposit refunds are not affected.

Lin Yuzhan, director of the Public Relations Office of Wenzao University of Foreign Studies, said that in June next year, the school will have nearly 1,000 graduates, each of whom will pay more than 1,000 yuan to Bi Lianhui. The expenses for taking graduation photos, renting gowns and deposits will be paid by Bi Lianhui. The general secretary is responsible for safekeeping. A few days ago, she reported that the 1.7 million yuan collected on her behalf was defrauded on the Internet. The school has contacted the parents of the general secretary to arrive at the school, and the parents promised to reimburse these fees, so the relevant rights and interests of recent graduates will not be affected.

According to the police, the female college student, accompanied by school personnel, went to the police station to report the case on November 29. The female student said that she went online to a gaming website in mid-November and the other party approached her for financial investment, claiming that she could make a profit every month. Above %, she was greedy for a while and remitted 300,000 yuan on November 17.

The female college student told the police that after she remitted 300,000 yuan, the other party had been asking for more money with various words, and the profit would be greater. In addition, the amount of profit can be seen on the fake investment website set up by the fraud group. She successively remitted 11 payments, totaling 1.79,000 yuan, until she wanted to get the money back, but the other party did not meet, and then she knew that she had been deceived. She explained to the school and went to the police station to report the case.

It is reported that female college students misappropriated about 1.85 million yuan in public funds. The reported amount of fraud was 1.79,000 yuan. There was a gap of 100,000 yuan between them. It still needs to be clarified. The police are reported to be investigating.

A clarification message signed by the university's Bilianhui was circulated on the Internet. (Flip from Dcard)


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