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GASO partners with Taiwan Youtuber BUMP for anti-scam awareness

The Global Anti-Scam Org (GASO) is proud to annouce the partnership with Taiwan YouTuber Bump, we will be cominbing our efforts in promoting anti-scam awareness and campaigns with immediate effect.

We will be strive to push for regulatory changes at the macro level to protect the rights and interests of scam victims as well as to promote awareness of anti-scam educational materials such as the latest scam tactics and methods used by fraudulent groups. We will also jointly build an international community to raise awareness in cybercrime prevention so as to benefit victims worldwide.

About BUMP

Bump is a popular youtuber in based in Taiwan who has an approx 646k subscribers on his youtube channel. Bump's video editing team has been creating awareness by educating and exposing the behind the scene of the scam industry on their Youtube channel.

Bump also worked with us on the rescue mission work for victims who got human trafficked to Cambodia scam companies. Click here to watch and subscribe to his Youtube channel.

One of his most popular video on "I was defrauded of 3,000 yuan on a dating app! The other party even threatened to touch my family!? 【Great Bump】" listed below reached 2.2million views!!

With the combined efforts between two parties, we hope to benefit more Taiwanese and the Chinese community in raising awareness and combatting cybercrime.


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