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He choose to put down his "Pig Slaughter knife"”

来源:中国青年报 | 2021年06月02日 06:14

On the morning of February 28th, Hao Zhendong arrived at Nansan Port.

On March 22, Hao Zhendong and Tao Jiangjiang met at Nanchang Changbei International Airport.

The 7-story office building in the industrial park where Hao Zhendong is located.

After struggling for 59 days, Hao Zhendong finally escaped from a scam den. He brought namelist that consist of a total of105 victims who were struggling.


The first thing he needed to escape was an office building located in an industrial park in Kokang Old Street, Myanmar. The office building has 7 floors and there are more than 2,000 scammers with different accents, weaving all kinds of telecommunications scams. 37-year-old Hao Zhendong is one of them. His "company" is on the 7th floor, and his main "business" is dealing with "Pig Slaughter Scam". Upon arrival to Myanmar from Luoyang, Henan, Hao Zhendong struggled to put his life together.

He then proceed to planned his escape plan. A week before leaving, Hao Zhendong stole a list of 105 potential victims from the company's server.

He thought, even if he can't run back, "I can save a few".

February 28, 2021 at 3pm -

No one noticed Hao Zhendong sneaking out of the office. Colleagues only knew him by his code name "Leopard" based on his 1.8-meter tall man, who is often silent and has been unable secure business. They would always laughed at him, "Brother Leopard can't make money in his birth year." Hao Zhendong ignored them and was really annoyed. He would often replied that he is actually not that lucky.

Hao then wait for an opportunity. Three days prior, Tao Jiangjiang, the captain of the Electronic Fraud Investigation Brigade of Nanchang Public Security Bureau, set an escape date with him. When going down the stairs, he tried his best not to think about the possibility of being caught back. He only knows that he "doesn't want to cheat a penny" from anyone.

Making Quick Bucks

Hao was first introduced to the job through his uncle as a customer service job however was later discovered that the job was to do telecommunications fraud.

In a 200 squares meters office. Hao was assigned to an office where there were about 50 to 60 colleagues whoose job is to add single and wealthy women on social media before leading them to the fraud investment website. Most of his colleagues were said to born in the 90s.

Hao was given a script on what to say, a set of computer and 3 sets of handphones. He was given a fake profile packaging name as "Guanwei" , and his wealthy good looking profile came from an internet celebrity.

In 2014, Hao owed nearly 2 million yuan in debt. His wife left him with her daughter as such Hao immediately took up the offer when his uncle introduced him to the Myanmar boss and promised to earn at least 60-70,000 yuan a month.

While smuggling his way to Myanmar; Hao was accompanied by 12 other smugglers, his broker then told them to leave their baggage behind as they have to climb the mountain and therefore their belongings would be a burden. At this point, Hao finally felt that it's a way of no return.

On the 4th day of Arrival to Myanmar, Hao did not feel comfortable with the job and wanted to leave when he got familiar with the procedures and process of the scam. The boss would not allow him to leave unless he pay ransom of 50,000 for the first month, 70,000 on the second and 120,000 yuan on the third month. Being penniless, Hao could only think of escaping back to China on his own. Before him, there were three fellow villagers from Henan who escaped into a Burmese military base and were injured by bullets. Hao then decided to stay and wait for for an opportunity.

The tough job

The process of establishing a relationship base with "customers" through chat is called "pig raising", which usually lasts more than a week. When the relationship is stable and the "customer" starts to invest money in the fraud platform, they will then "kill the pig" which is commonly used their industry as ”杀猪盘“

Hao didn't feel guilty in the "pig raising" stage. He treats his daily "work" as any ordinary chat, and improvises in combination with his real experience. When it finally come to the stage where he had to "kill his pigs aka victims", Hao would mentally collapsed. He witness his first victim who deposit 100 yuan to the platform. That night, he ran up to the Company rooftop and used a private WeChat account to call her and confessed that he was in fact a scammer. He then paid for the 100 yuan to the victim and transferred it back.

After that, Hao Zhendong chatted with "clients" many times to the stage of inducing investment, and would take advantage of the group leader's patrol to call them to confess their identity and apologize, asking them to delete themselves. According to the group leader's request, he must first create the illusion of "love" with each other, and then tell them the truth of this "love", which he called "a lesson for them." From then on, Hao would informed the rest of his victims to not invest into the platform.

In one the phone conversation, he ever told a victim:-

"It is part of my job as a scammer to cheat your feelings. I had to do this or I'll die here but I will not scam any of your penny, please be wary of people you met online."

Some victims thanked him for being honest and some cried and said, "Online dating is more hurtful than reality", even if it is a scam, some were willing to stay with him.

Back in their dormitory, Hao felt extremely uncomfortable whenever he overhead his colleagues bragging about how his colleague "killed that fat pig" aka victims and some other victims who got cheated up to 3 million yuan in a single sham investment. Some female victims were forced to commit suicide. His colleagues would use the money that they have earned to show off to the rest of the colleagues.

Hao gradually lost hope as time passes. There were rumors that his colleagues ran away and entered the military base by mistakes, there were also rumors that his organs would be sold if he try to escape as such he dare not act rashly. He decided to wait until the Spring Festival holiday and borrow 10,000 to 20,000 yuan to find a broker to lead the way and make his way to the border.


Except for the boss, nobody knows his actual name. Hao gave himself a nickname as "Leopard". He then explained that leopards are not only cunning, it will run when they faced powerful opponent and it will run away but when it sees its prey, leopard will attack at the fastest speed. In the unfamiliar and dangerous jungle, the "leopard" can only survive by disguise.

Hao Zhendong has a fast typing speed and he is able to chat with more than a dozen people at the same time. "The chat efficiency can be as good as half a group of people."

Every day after lunch and before going to bed, he undergoes collective brainwashing session by the "company". At the meeting, the boss praised the employees with good performance and handed out big red envelopes stuffed with cash. For Hao, who has always had no performance, threats and intimidation are indispensable.

Here, as long as two months of work, no one will not make money. Some colleagues will choose to redeem their lives back to the country with the money they scammed, and then keep silent about this experience. He didn't want to take this step.

Before contacting Officer Tao Jiangjiang, Hao sent Yang Yu the personal information of 18 potential victims. The QQ group for "business" exchanges indicated that they will be "harvested" in the near future. He sent the list to Yang Yu. Yang then comforted Hao, she believed that good people would be rewarded. Yang Yu also teased him to say that he is a lucky star, "I will definitely have good luck if you have it."

With the assistance of the Yunnan police, they contacted an informant who could take Hao Zhendong to the border and determined the escape route and schedule.

On February 20, Hao Zhendong learned that the police would rescue him. He originally wanted to stay a few more days and collect more evidence to "put them all together." He tried to get a friend to sent him a miniature camera so that he could take more pictures but mailing cameras took too long and the risk is too high. Officer Tao then insisted that "it is the most important thing that you come back safely." He persuaded Hao Zhendong several times before he gave up.

After the discussion between the 3, Hao Zhendong used Alipay to transfer 1,000 yuan to Yang Yu and asked her to invest in the fraud platform to pretend to be "hooked" in order to delay time and prevent the boss from being suspicious.

You need to check the background information after "open the order". This step has to go through the server. Hao Zhendong memorized the password when the team leader turned on the server. A week before leaving, he sat in the office until three or four in the morning on the grounds of working overtime. This is to pave the way for the day and night to escape, and to sneak into the server when there are few people to collect a list of potential victims.

At noon on February 28, Tao Jiangjiang received the list of 105 people and sent it to the police in the relevant city through the National Anti-Fraud Center Group of the Ministry of Public Security, and the local police officers came to verify it. When a policeman from Shandong knocked on the door, the victim was anxiously raising 88,000 yuan, ready to transfer it to Hao Zhendong's colleagues. In the end, this name list ended 21 people from being deceived and stopped losses of more than 1.8 million yuan.

Date of Flee

Nine hours before Tao Jiangjiang received the list, Hao Zhendong initiated his long-awaited escape. There is a big temperature difference between day and night in northern Myanmar in winter. He wears a thin sweater, a pair of jeans, and no jacket to avoid being suspected. All the belongings are exactly the same as when they came, except for the ID card left in the hands of the boss.

According to regulations, when people enter and exit the industrial park, the person on duty at the gate must notify the boss as soon as possible, and he cannot get out of the front door. Hao Zhendong thought of the "Mengdu" bathing center on the first floor of the office building. The door of the bathing center was facing the street. He was going to bribe the front desk at that time, and escaped under the pretext of going out for breakfast. He has opened an order with Yang Yu's cooperation. The boss is quite assured of him. Those who have opened the order will not run away. They are also scammers when they go back. It is better to rely on fraud to make money. "They know that you have nothing when you go back.

At 3:30 in the morning, Hao Zhendong sneaked into the bathing center. There is a local curfew in Myanmar. He closed the door of his room and lay in bed tiredly waiting for the curfew to end at 6:30 in the morning.

Officer, Tao Jiangjiang did not close his eyes overnight. He personally promised to bring Hao back without making any mistakes, "We are a one-line contact, he only has me." Tao Jiangjiang has seen all kinds of scammers in his 17 years of police career, and he has also seen many victims who are obsessed with it. It was the first time he rescued "the enthusiastic person who were tricked into being liars". He was nervous, but what he had to do was to appease Hao Zhendong's nervousness.

At 6:30 in the morning, it was just getting dark. Hao Zhendong ran out, fear and cold got into his body together, and he shuddered. He did not dare to stay longer. Last night, he looked down from the 7th floor of the office building. The security guard hired by the boss patrolled outside the industrial park every 5 minutes to prevent people from entering and exiting illegally.

The informant met near Jiufang Road. There were no cars near the industrial park. Hao Zhendong wanted to take a taxi next to the "Fuli Lai" casino, which has a lot of people. It usually takes five or six minutes to walk, and he ran there in less than a minute.

He got in the car and watched the old Burmese street disappear outside the car window. He thought in his heart that it would be better to return to China. He promised Tao Jiangjiang that after he went back, he would work hard to open a computer shop or a pet shop. Tao Jiangjiang paid more than 10,000 yuan to advance Hao Zhendong's later accommodation and transportation expenses, "I hope this little money can help him get into the right path."

The rescue process went smoothly. At 10:57 in the morning, after sitting in the informant's car and passing the three border lines, Hao Zhendong saw the five-star red flag flying in front of the Nansan Port. Connecting Nansan Port and Myanmar is a 50-meter-long bridge. He got off the car and waved to the informant. He walked across the bridge in a daze, "footsteps are super easy." He completed a nucleic acid test at the border inspection station, and the test result was negative. After that, he stayed in an isolation hotel and began a 21-day immigration isolation. Hao Zhendong paid a fine of 4,000 yuan for illegally crossing the country (frontier) without causing bad effects.

At the hotel, he turned on the work cell phone brought out from the den from time to time, and sent the fraud information in the QQ group to Tao Jiangjiang. As soon as the phone was turned on, the boss’s phone number and the shocking insults from WeChat flooded in. He took all the screenshots and sent them to Tao Jiangjiang as "evidence." Although Hao Zhendong later compared the trapped days to a "vacation" and tried to leave his memories behind and "re-behave", he had nightmares for 10 days in a segregated hotel. In his dream, he was taken back to Myanmar and "died miserably".

On March 22, he saw Tao Jiangjiang and Yang Yu at the airport with red and swollen eyes and a beard that had not been shaved for a few days. That was the first time Hao Zhendong saw Tao Jiangjiang. He felt that Tao Jiangjiang was "thin, thin and tall, and he knew that he was very upright just by looking at his eyes."



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