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Buy and Sell Personal Data and Gray-Area Tools on Telegram

There are giant Telegram groups used by Chinese scam industry workers for their business, like selling data and software tools.

In one example, someone is selling personal data of American residents. Here is a sample (all blurring ours).

Column headers: Name - email - phone number - address - language

The right-most column (language) tells that most can speak Chinese, but also can uses Simplified or Traditional written Mandarin

In another one, a list of women (女) with their current cities in the US, as well as what presumably is their hometown in China. Last column shows their marital status.


Column headers:

Nickname - Name - Surname - Full name - Email - Address - City - US state - Zip code - County - Phone number

We cropped out here the names and numbers

In one message posted a complete list with the following headings: ID | Name | Gender | DOB | SSN | adr | City | State | ZipCode | Country | Phone | Email | IP

SSN = Social Security Number

They have for many other countries also, like Thailand, Korea, Holland, Indonesia, Portugal, Russia, Nigeria, and the most, China.

Here is bank information for Mexican residents:

Here for Taiwan: real name, nickname, email log-ins, passwords, numbers, districts, addresses, IP addresses

One app to control all WhatsApp

Here, a seller is showing off an app that allows one to switch between different WhatsApp numbers in one phone. He notes in his comments that the phone has to be rooted.


What to do with this Telegram channel? We can report to have it shut down, but cybercriminals will simply create another one. Besides, there are a few of them like this, and perhaps more that we do not know of.

In other Chinese-language Telegram channels, live humans are bought and sold for the Southeast Asian cyber scams industry.

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