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Make it until you fake it on Facebook

There are many Facebook scammer accounts posing as real people and have scammed multiple victims. They continue to do so, as seen from angry commenters that immediately get blocked and deleted. There are even entire Facebook "support" groups for Chinese immigrants, with thousands of members, but which we know are owned by scammers that use it to scout potential targets. (We can tell from the code words they use, and the spam and random add friends by beautiful people upon joining the group). No luck reporting them. At all.

In any case, here is one of the sites where scammers could get their pretty profile pictures. The name of the site (黑市) literally means ‘black market', though they swear everything on their site is legal. Clicking on any one of the pictures gives more pictures of the same person in realistic settings. You can supposedly buy the profile with up to hundreds of pictures of the same person to use as "marketing material," although most scammers would probably just screenshot the pictures.

Below are some third-party applications for massive personal marketing on Facebook platforms, advertised on some Chinese scammer Telegram channels. If you believe the hype of the person advertising, they also sell data of all Facebook users and WhatsApp numbers for $1500. Not sure what that means, they're already out there for free:

Facebook and WhatsApp are banned inside China, so these programs are for export-oriented "industries." Not sure doing this way is even legal in the US and other countries. Perhaps these apps are a reason that Facebook reportedly doesn't know how many real users it has. (See: How Many Users Does Facebook Have? The Company Struggles to Figure It Out - WSJ.

Trailers for the WhatsApp and Facebook "marketing apps"

Demo for the WhatsApp and Facebook "marketing apps" (with subtitles)

Some class on how to use those apps (Chinese subtitles machine-transcribed from audio, then machine-translated to English below):

Hello all foreign trade entrepreneurs. In this lesson, I'll introduce you to the WhatsApp big data function. The big data of WhatsApp number can be aggregated to more than two hundred and fifty countries in the world. There are Asia, Europe and all the countries of the world. The data will be aggregated to this page. After the aggregation, you can directly input the keyword and country code to export the data. The exported data, then, you can through this international SMS and through this WhatsApp group sending to cash, ah.

So our system is specially made for WhatsApp's big data. We can collect accurate phone numbers of any country, any region, any industry, which is very valuable. Let's go straight to the first function, which is our 10,000 words generation. Because people want to collect the words of your industry. The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have the right number. The first thing you have to do is if you do which country's market. Turn the country's name out. Then you want to do market segmentation, then put each country region to put in. Then find a long tail word of your industry that here I will give you a demonstration because we do the industry is the software industry. The customers we face in this industry are all the trade customers are our customers. So our software market is very big and our customers are also very many global market, so our words here are global countries, generic words are available. All industries are available.

The data generated from here, we can make a demonstration of the fission. The more words you have, the more data you can collect. The more you collect this result, the more results you get. Of course, each system has a limited number of cuts, a limited number, ah. Because it's a system of its use of space and time is limited. So if you are tens of thousands of only shallow, you can use multiple systems to. Do a demo. So here we have generated more than 28,000 words. So we have these 28,000 words, so we can put them in our system and no one can check this first step. Of course, you can do the English market. So the English market, for example, if you want to do the European and American market directly to do the European and American market if the Southeast Asian market, directly can generate the English translation of this is the English. After the English finish it this side becomes the English a font. English play fonts after it is remembered that when using this function the English characters are separated.

After the separation, we can turn it into an English word, ah. Give it a demo. Okay. Here are the English roots. The English roots and the Chinese roots can be directly exported. We'll do a pattern score after we're done. So let's go directly to our next part. Combined with the word roots we just imported, we have eight collection functions here. The eight collection functions all have only one position, which is to help enterprises help any industry to find the precise phone number of your industry in the eight projects, and then it becomes a line. Okay, let's demonstrate the first function. So our function is to collect of course, of course, to guess the word for example, there is an area code in here. You can choose any area code, any area code you want to check which country directly put the area code in. Any country in the world can be miserable in. After you've entered the word you want to look up, you can export the word and import it into a file. Import file, oh. Just import the file. Then a collection of which platform, you can global all the platforms can be. Directly after the generation of it, you need to so out a lot of data results. This data results we do not care because it will be automatically aggregated to this page so will this page up. Then the second function is to look up the phone number in which directly generated each, each of my a phone number. Then we have the phone number after it is the reverse code to send the code is also the same can choose which area you which area to collect which area, choose the word, import words can also be directly selected in it can also be directly imported can also. Then it will choose the platform to choose. After the selection will appear corresponding to the phone number of your industry. Thirdly, we can collect the WhatsApp group directly, which is a group of any country or industry. This group is a Google keyword for WhatsApp and contains groups. This group can be added directly after you export it, so it's very easy to add, because you can add two hundred and fifty-seven people to a WhatsApp group. The more groups you have, the more people you have in the group. You can also export the members of the group. You can also export the group members. We will have a third-party export software for the group members. You can contact the group to get it. Then we will have a lot of WhatsApp phone numbers that have entered the industry. The fourth one is to collect the phone numbers of the non-home page, which is a molecule, but the home page phone number. This page can be collected and exported. In this one, we can collect groups. Then we can collect the group we can go through the group, the group of the group to group cash ah, through the group of the collection of the group selected members of your phone number to cash. Then we are the sixth function is the LBS function. LBS function we can collect the world any country any country of this you can check one ah, check a region yourself any region a phone number directly check on it can be. After checking the box, enter the keywords. After entering the keywords, then we can find the phone number of any country in any region, oh. This phone number can also be used to send text messages and mass mailing through WhatsApp. The seventh function is through the Instagram, which has a lot of phone numbers of any industry, any user's nickname. Of course, this phone number can be collected directly by importing the key period through our software.

After checking it, we can also export the group members. This is the fan who is followed and can be directly sent out by private message. The phone number can also be exported directly to the group to cash ah. You can do both. In the inside of the phone number combined with a keyword and a focus of the relevant industry because of the collection of data inside this also has a lot of mailboxes, very, very convenient. We have this function that you can participate in your mailbox and your phone number. After we have checked the phone number, it is also directly summarized here in this summary. Therefore, our eight collection functions can collect phone numbers of any industry. Of course, the phone numbers we check are here. You can combine your target country market, target industry, and market. Remember a minute on this side and a minute on that side. After memorizing a minute, you can export it directly. This is a way of thinking. Then our fourth major function is that the phone numbers you just collected and checked can be imported into our filtering system. We can filter whether the phone number is a WhatsApp account or not, and there is a function to open it. If it is a WhatsApp account, you can send it directly to the group to make money. So this function is such a use. Our fifth major function is to chase customers. The function we exported before is to collect a certain precise phone number. If you want to do a certain country, all the markets in a certain country, then we can export this to fission. Here's a demo for you. Ok, we've imported 300 numbers here. If we have 300 numbers, we have 3.8 million numbers, and of course, the number of customers that can be fractured. After the number of chasers is finished, then look at it.

We have chased a lot of customers here. After chasing a lot of phone numbers, you can import the phone numbers of the countries you want to chase. After importing a few, we can generate millions of phone numbers in a very short time. These millions of phone numbers can be exported to WhatsApp for cash. By sending international SMS messages in front of you, ah. So this is our one fission function because everyone involved in this function can rarely any country any region all the phone numbers of course this phone number is not collected this blocking simplified six, blocking the Chinese segment, ah. The number of the China area is prohibited to chase customers. So we This is a function is very convenient in the use of operation. Because the data inside is very much of course also faster now has more than 800,000 up. So we'll wait a little bit to make a filter for this market because this function is a big selling point, so you can combine this function with some of the details inside to combine their own industry. To do some precise recognition of the following, ah.

Okay, so this time about me this put into it will not demonstrate this is a color fission of the data number of the method. Let's go directly to our next feature. Our sixth function. So our sixth sixth function is to send international text messages because we have many phone numbers before many phone numbers you can directly fill in this number here. That is, you can send the text message. Because our software integration is one of our industry-leading low-delay words, to ensure the stability of this group sending, because our international, this system can send the phone number of any country in the world, connected to more than 200 countries in the world. It covers more than 1400 countries, ah, very convenient. And then the cost of this group sending is also very cheap you can directly contact our above customer service directly to the group sending that can be, ah. This is our sixth function. The seventh function is that we have checked a lot of phone numbers before. What should we do after checking a lot of phone numbers? There are a lot of phone numbers in here, a lot of phone numbers. Let me give you an example, let's say we want to do a market in a different country. This can be imported directly. This is directly imported. You can directly click on the market of the country you want.

For example, if you want to collect the market of a country directly, you can find it directly. This data is updated in real time, the data is updated in real time. This is the collection of the production season just now is you have so much data ah. If you want to import the country market directly, you can do it. Then you can export the data. After exporting it, you can send this directly to the SMS sideline. You can also send the data directly to WhatsApp. The last feature of WhatsApp is the WhatsApp Group Customer Service, which can be used to open any new channel.We can open WhatsApp, open Facebook, open Instagram, open TikTok, open YouTube, you name it. We can open WhatsApp, open Facebook, open Instagram, open TikTok, open YouTube, you name it. It's a very powerful, omnichannel, and multi-body customer service system. So here's a demonstration of WhatsApp.

In WhatsApp, you can send a group message directly from here. Very convenient. It's very convenient to do group sending directly. This is direct group sending. After the direct mass mailing is done, you can direct the customers to this WhatsApp. WhatsApp number. Or you can log in to the WhatsApp Enterprise number. After logging in to the WhatsApp Enterprise number, you can also directly lead your standalone site. You can also direct your own website to a third-party store. So these are a few reminders of a customer service online mass mailing function. So, after the mass mailing, we can also chat here. After the chat, you can also automatically translate it very conveniently.

So our entire business process is open to a must-change. Whatever the words reach a closed-loop play after it from the front of the generation of data, to the collection of data. Mr. became the word root. This is the root word generated in 10 years. After generating the root words, we collect data. Collecting data and then filtering. After filtering, then fission. After the fission, the data can be sent to SMS. And then through the customer service system to send mass than closed loop. So our whole business process is a closed-loop system for the global WhatsApp big data and precise and vivid opening. So the whole business process is closed loop. So now we have a set of development customers for each sales person to sell our system. So this system can be innovated. We can innovate a certain project, and we can also innovate the system itself because the system has this project. So you can use our system to help you empower your industry and help you find global financial customers in your industry.

The second one can also use our system. We can also give you a label. If you have a project, you can do your project and use our publicity and empowerment. If you don't have a project now, you can also use our system to be a partner of ours. Our system can also do global market and then we are responsible for technical updates and long-term maintenance. Our upgrades are free of charge. This is like a closed-loop system. Of course, if your company has many salespeople, you can also use a set of your own project because we have a benefit of this system. All traffic is free without advertising, without spending a penny on advertising. The data is free. Of course, our data are legal and public data. So there is no risk for our project. And then in our whole product system, the whole product system, we have a way to store the cash after this is done, ah. That is to use this third-party simulator. After the third-party emulator is finished, you can log in to N accounts and cash out, which is a third-party resource. You can contact sales to learn more about it. Not much to introduce here. So our whole system starts from data acquisition.

The acquisition of data from the root word to an aggregation to a mass mailing, ah. A closed-loop business process. So our system is a very large industry. Then our own company will also do a lot of project incubation for this system. We will not only develop this system ourselves to sell this system. We will use this system to incubate many projects. So, if you have resources and sources of goods, you can contact our customer service. We'll talk about it together, integrate resources together, go to sea together, and earn dollars together. Okay, so that's it for this lesson. Thank you for your precious time and I hope we can work together happily.


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