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How to tell if a website is fake?


Visit whois and/or eurodns to check the registration of the website. They are usually registered not long ago and will expire in 1 year.

Sample of a fraud website,


Fraud sites are usually clones of some of the legitimate websites ie coinbase is a copy of the legitimate coincheck (Japan based). We also came across clones sites such as coinbase, Binance and AXA Global.

URL Numbering

Fraud sites usually comes with some numbering behind example as their website are shut down by the police force from time to time. In most cases, 66, 68, 68, 123 are commonly used among fraud sites.

Examples of some of the fraud website that we traced:

Customer Service ONLY fraud sites requires you to communicate with the "customer service" via Whatsapp /LINE of the website to remit and withdraw. These numbers are usually America numbers and you cannot reached them via calls. Pay attention to the english, they are usually broken english due to most scammers being chinese nationals.

Crypto Platform

Most scam companies would asked victims to transfer the funds to a crypto platform ie Binance, Coinbase (Most commonly used in America), Shakepay (Most commonly used in Canada) and Binance for Taiwan/ Singapore and Malaysia before leading victims to the fraud website to do their trading.


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