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More Decentralized App scams, fake dApp support and the COVID variant

We have been seeing a new increase since the past month of victims of decentralized Apps or dApps, in combination with a long-term relationship (pig-butchering scam). We previously reported on this.

In short, scammers convince targets to load up their cryptocurrency wallet (e.g. Coinbase wallet app) then use its internal browser to navigate to a website the scammer gives. Victims, just by navigating to that given URL, unknowingly hook up their wallets to unscrupulous smart contracts, which will slowly, or immediately, drain all of their cryptocurrencies.

For one victim, screenshots below, his/her wallet was drained of USDT within 3 minutes as he/she was talking to GASO live chat for help!

We call all wallet app makers to put more prompts and specific warnings on their browsers before entering any URL to alert users of the possibility that scam dApps can work this way.

"Wallet App Support"

In an even more creative way to exploit people's ignorance of dApps, scammers even made a fake "wallet app checker." They encourage users to hook up all their wallets into this "Live Wallet App Verification"

The COVID Variant

Enough said



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