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Myanmar scam Companies put up firework for every 500k scammed!

Northern Myanmar mainly refers to the four regions on the China-Myanmar border. They are controlled by four military forces independent of the central government and are in a state of "warlord separatism." These places are deeply influenced by Chinese culture and are very similar to Yunnan Province in terms of living habits and language. The official language includes Chinese, which can circulate renminbi, and can also use signals from the three major operators of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom.

In response to the needs of economic development, the local military government has even set up a special economic development zone to provide these criminals engaged in telecommunications fraud with special business licenses to support the development of telecommunications fraud. It is for these various reasons that northern Myanmar has become a paradise for fraudsters.

Based on resources confirmed by several fraudsters:- For every 500,000 USD successful fraud, scam companies would put up bunch of firecrackers to celebrate

Office buildings are rising one after another, and roads are being repaired quickly. However, the newly built office buildings are basically leased to scam companies engaging in telecommunications fraud.

Every time I visit Myanmar, I always hear the sound of fireworks and firecrackers at night. They sounded in different places. Sometimes at two or three in the morning, they would be awakened by the sound of firecrackers. We would then wonder: Why are firecrackers set off every night?

I finally learned that the firecrackers were released by telecommunications fraud group. This seems to have become a custom for them to celebrate every 500,000 scammed.

The bunches of fireworks set in the sky shows the ugly side of the reality. Those victims who were deceived into bankruptcy, who choose to end their life because they got scammed into losing everything is an achievement for the scammers that were worth celebrating.

Telecommunications fraud gangs will pay the military government to create jobs and drive consumption. Their gathering has also led to the development of all walks of life in the surrounding area. Some of them provide network services for these scam groups, deliver food, and hotels... The economic and social changes brought by the arrival of telecommunications fraud. The local government were pleased to see the result, buildings got higher and higher, and the bumpy mud roads have also turned into concrete roads.

Historically, these places were used to grow opium and produce drugs. Local citizens can also be infected with drugs, which has a strong social hazard. Telecom scams are different. Scammers do not target locals. The targets of these scam gangs smuggling from China to northern Myanmar are all Chinese with mobile phones and computers in China.

I remembered once, the domestic police locked up a fraud gang, because they could not open the gate of their den, the operation to enter the gang was blocked. The scammers learned of the arrival of the police and threw the evidence of the crime from the second level into the river. After the evidence was destroyed, the criminals were still very arrogant. They stood on the rooftop and provoked the domestic police with gestures.

Faced with this situation, the local police chose to shoot, the scammers then surrendered. At the end of the day they havve destroyed the evidence, the domestic police had no reason to arrest them, while the local police took the scammers away and detained them for a long time for obstructing the police's handling of the case.

Before 2018, October, China and local police of Myanmmar were working together smoothly. Chinese governement were able to arrest criminals easily. For those who were able to get away, various materials were confiscated by the local police whoich booast their income as the local police make only 300 RMB a month.

Things took a huge turn after 2018, October when the Chinese realized the change of behavior by Myanmar police. Fraud Companies would bribe the local police with an substantial amount of money also known as protection fee. The local police even made telecommunications legal by issuing business licenses. In short, you cannot survive if you do not pay the monthly fee.

There were 100,000 scammers working in Myanmar.

While the scam companies brings economic to the country were spread to China, there were a lot of young people who were attracted by the job advertisement and would choose to smuggle their way through Yunan borders just to scam and make a living.

Scam Companies would sketched out a dream of making a fortune for them, and they could earn more than 10,000 yuan a month by just chatting. When these young people arrived in northern Myanmar, they discovered that there was a big discrepancy between the advertisement and the reality.

Scammers who regretted their decisions would be asked to compensate 20,000 yuan in order for them to return home. If you can't afford to pay, you'd be force to do drug trafficking, women were asked to go into prostitution. Gambling and pornography are legal industries in Myanmar.

Telecommunications Origin

Telecommunications were actually created and brought in by Taiwanese but however Fujian province than copied the idea made it to the top bosses of the telecom fraud.

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of people in northern Myanmar are engaged in telecommunications fraud. Over the years, I have also dealt with many young people at the bottom of this industry. Most of them are "problem teenagers" with poor academic performance, and/or poor family background.

Some time ago, the domestic police rescued a 16-year-old Shanghai girl whom family conditions are good but because she didn't want to go to school anymore therefore she went to northern Myanmar. Her job is simple:- show off her beauty and life, attract fans and add her to the designated WeChat within the gang. And these fans who were attracted by her became the target of gang fraud. The girl's family's then reported to the police after they realized their daughter went missing. The girl even blamed her parents for ruining her life of getting rich.

In northern Myanmar, these fraud dens range from 4-3000 over staff per company. Types of scams include:-

Pretending to be law enforcement by public prosecutors and law enforcement agencies, e-commence Taobao/ Shoppe scam/ Investment and financial management/ Pig-Slaughter Scam. Most fraud orders consist tens of thousands of dollars, and a few can reach millions or even tens of millions. Most fraudulent orders give about 15-25% commission to a single person.

For the past 2 years, the most dangerous scam would be ''Pig Slaughter Scheme' Scam' this kind of fraud is that the scammer will pretend to be a perfect lover, fall in love with the victim online, and finally guide the victim to their designated website. Investing or gambling. Taking advantage of people's emotional needs, gaining the trust of the victim, and then using people's greed to scammed the victim to invest money. The ladies whom i came across mostly went into depression and many committed suicided as scammers would also at the same time convince victims to sent promising photos to further threatened to sent those photos to the Company of the victims where they worked at.

Scams gets more and more complicated and it progress.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, it is inconvenient for the police to go abroad to handle cases. These fraud groups have basically been in a state of unregulated and barbaric growth in the past year. At the moment when the global epidemic has not yet been extinguished, I am not optimistic to estimate that the next In recent years, they may also experience explosive growth.


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