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Northern Myanmar, a paradise for 100,000 scammers

With the domestic crackdown on telecommunications fraud, most domestic telecommunications fraud gangs have now moved abroad, especially in Southeast Asia area. Initially, telecom scams transferred to foreign countries will be entrenched in Southeast Asia such as the Philippines and Malaysia, but in the past five years, northern Myanmar has gradually become the first choice for these scam gangs.

Zhou Jun is an anti-fraud policeman who has worked for many years. He often goes to the northern region of Myanmar to handle cases. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 100,000 people engaged in telecom fraud in this area. And these telecommunications fraud gangs, which smuggled abroad and grew up in northern Myanmar, were defrauded by compatriots in China.

Northern Myanmar mainly refers to the four autonomous regions on the China-Myanmar border. They are controlled by four military forces independent of the central government and are in a state of "warlord separatism." These places are deeply influenced by Chinese culture and are very similar to Yunnan Province in terms of living habits and language. The official language includes Chinese, which can circulate renminbi, and can also use signals from the three major operators of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom.

Due to the needs of economic development, the local military government has even established a special economic development zone to provide special business licenses for criminals engaged in telecom fraud. Support the development of telecommunications fraud. It is for these various reasons that northern Myanmar has become a paradise for fraudsters.

In recent years, I don't know how many domestic victims have been deceived into ruining their families and their wives. Zhou Jun's mission is to hunt down these crooks and make them obey the law.

For every successful fraud of 500,000, put a bunch of firecrackers to celebrate

2021 Spring Festival, because of the outbreak in northern Myanmar , We were asked to go to northern Myanmar to participate in the epidemic prevention work, and I went there again. Before that, due to the impact of the epidemic, we had not gone abroad for a whole year.

When I go to northern Myanmar every once in a while, my biggest feeling is that the construction here is too fast. Office buildings are rising one after another, and roads are being repaired quickly. However, these newly built office buildings are basically leased to gangs engaged in telecommunications fraud.

It was also during the Chinese New Year this year that we only figured out one thing. Every time I came here in the past, I could always hear the sound of fireworks and firecrackers one after another at night. They sounded in different places. Sometimes at two or three in the morning, they would be awakened by the sound of firecrackers. We will wonder: Why are firecrackers set off every night?

Later we finally learned that the firecrackers were released by a telecommunications fraud group. This seems to have become a custom. For every successful fraud of 500,000 yuan, they put a bunch of firecrackers to celebrate.

Bunches of fireworks set in the sky are the footnotes of this magical reality. Those victims in the country were deceived into bankruptcy, but here, it is their achievement worth celebrating.

Here, the telecom fraud industry is called "cash net". This kind of industry that harms society is legal in the local area. Telecommunications fraud gangs will pay the military government to create jobs and drive consumption. Their gathering has also led to the development of all walks of life in the surrounding areas. There are those who provide network services for these scam groups, deliver food, and open hotels... Regarding the various changes brought to the economy and society by the arrival of telecommunications fraud, the local government Happy to see the result, the buildings there are getting higher and higher, and the bumpy mud roads have also turned into concrete roads.

Historically, these places used to grow opium and produce drugs. Local people can also be infected with drugs, which has a strong social hazard. Telecom scams are different. Scammers do not target locals. The targets of these scam gangs smuggling from China to northern Myanmar are all Chinese with mobile phones and computers in China.

In 2015, when there were sporadic telecommunications fraud gangs in northern Myanmar, we were quite optimistic because the local police cooperated well with us and the arrests were easy, and we also discussed the crackdown with us. The technical level of the problem.

I remember once, we locked a scam gang, but because we could not open the iron door of their den, the arrest operation to enter the gang was blocked. The scammers learned of the arrival of the police and threw all the tools of the crime from the second floor into the river. After the evidence was destroyed, the criminals were still very arrogant. They stood on the rooftop and provoke us with gestures.

Faced with this situation, the local police chose to shoot directly, and these talents surrendered. In the end, because of the destruction of evidence, we had no reason to arrest them, but the local police took the people away and detained them for a long time for obstructing the police from handling the case.

Before October 2018, our cooperation with the local police was very smooth. This is a win-win situation. We have caught people, and the various living materials of the gangs that cannot be taken away are confiscated by the local police. The local salary per capita is very low, and the monthly salary of the police is 300 yuan. The materials that can't be taken are a considerable income for them.

More and more complex fraud routines

The detection of telecommunications fraud cases is a technical task, and we can solve the case only after someone reports it. Although we all know which floor of a building in northern Myanmar is a telecommunications fraud gang, we cannot arrest them without a case. Only when someone reports a crime, we will look for the place where the gang is based on the criminal information he provided, because the criminal gang caught in this way can determine their criminal evidence and form a complete chain of evidence.

In my memory, the most successful case solved was an arrest in 2017. The criminal gang is hidden on the second floor of a building materials market. The weather was very hot at that time, the door of the criminal gang was open, and the office environment was not good. Only fans were installed in the office on a hot day. They were working when we arrived, and they had obtained evidence such as computers and mobile phones. The evidence is clear and the case is solved smoothly. The gang's method of deception is to find people who want loans through Baidu promotion, pretend that they can help with loans, and then charge the victims in various names. In the end, we captured ten criminals.

However, there are not many times when this goes well. In a large-scale strike in 2017, we dispatched more than 1,000 police officers, but in the end, due to some strategic mistakes, only more than 300 were captured. Criminals. Sometimes we took people back, but because of insufficient evidence, we had to release them. These people returned to northern Myanmar and continued to engage in telecommunications fraud.

In the process, the owner of the casino found that telecom fraud is very profitable, so he began to invest in telecom fraud. Casinos are colluding with telecom fraud. There are many similarities between gambling and "Killing Board", and like online casinos, Kicking Board needs to purchase domain names and constantly change websites. It's just that gambling will give some profit, and "killing pigs" will directly collect money and run away. Casinos have better technology in this area, which can be directly provided to "killing pigs". In addition to technical collusion, casinos and fraud gangs also share customers. These complicated reasons have made gambling and fraud more integrated.

The gradual escalation of the way of telecommunications fraud has made us dare not to slack off, and we must step up and improve our technical level in solving cases.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, it is inconvenient for us to go abroad to handle cases. These scam groups have basically been in a state of unregulated and barbaric growth in the past year. At the moment when the global epidemic has not been extinguished, I am not It is optimistically estimated that in the next few years, they may also see an explosive growth.

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