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Phnom Penh, Cambodia: 19-year-old boy died

On the morning of July 15, a 19-year-old Chinese boy, Zhou Rui, fell from a high building in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia.

According to the scene at the time, Zhou Rui was almost naked when he died, with only a pair of white underwear covering him.

According to images taken at the scene, the head of the deceased seemed to be cut into half by ob object. However, it is not clear whether the head wounds of the deceased were caused by hitting the colored steel tiles on the roof during the fall, or injured after falling to the ground, or injured before death.

According to the information provided by Zhou Rui's mother, Zhou Rui confessed to her mother before jumping off the building that he was developing gambling software in Phnom Penh.

Prior before jumping off the building, Zhou Rui ad contacted the police to surrender and has also provided valuable information of the fraud den software. Zhou's also informed the police that he live on the 29th floor of building B, Skyline Genting and the number is 2901.

Zhou Rui's "Suicide Note" to Mother

“Mom, I'm sorry. I did something illegal in Phnom Penh, Cambodia-developing gambling software and I am about to break down. Thank you for your guidance over the past few years. I jumped on the 29th floor of Building B, Genting Skyline". "Do not go to Cambodia to look for me in order to protect yourself, please bury me when my body is sent back to China. I am sorry that I did not protect you sell. To my brother:- Please do well in the entrance exam to get into a good university."

"If my body is not sent back to the country, then forget it. I have nothing. If I don't jump off the building, I might be killed. Don't come here. I'm afraid they will be disadvantageous to you, and there are younger brothers and sisters who need to feed. , I don’t want them to become children without mothers. The police will take care of it. You have to cooperate with the police in handling the case. This is not to blame who is my own choice, but it is also a punishment for myself.” At noon on July 16, a colleague of Zhou Rui’s company contacted Zhou Rui’s mother, stating that if his family wanted to come to Cambodia to deal with the funeral, the company could be responsible for the air ticket, but Zhou Rui’s death had nothing to do with the company. “It’s not a pressure on work. You can ask his other colleagues. As for why Zhou Rui did this, we have no way of knowing."

"I hope you can help me find out the cause of death"

Zhou Rui is a native of Changning City, Hunan Province. He was born in 2002 and is only 19 years old.

Zhou Rui's cousin told reporters that Zhou Rui originally had average academic performance and his family conditions were not particularly good. After graduating from junior high school, he went to a technical secondary school and majored in program development.

Zhou Rui’s cousin said that Zhou Rui went to Cambodia to work about two years ago. In the beginning, the salary was very low, only a few thousand yuan, but then the income increased, and I started to send money to my family every month. But in recent months, I don’t know why I haven’t sent money to my family

Zhou Rui also has a younger brother and a younger sister. On the cover of Zhou Rui’s mother’s circle of friends, there is a photo of the three children.

Because she was worried that her son was being threatened and persecuted, Zhou Rui's mother hoped to find out the cause of her son's death. "Because my son said he was in danger. If he doesn't jump off the building, someone will kill him."

But because she received a warning from her son to not visit Cambodia. She could only hope that people in Cambodia would help find out the cause of death. The Chinese in Cambodia can help me find out the cause of death.

Entrusted by Zhou Rui's mother, the reporter visited the scene of the incident on the evening of July 16. However, Zhou Rui's body has been removed by the police and the scene has been cleaned up. After another rain in the afternoon, there is no trace of the scene.

Zhou Rui's mother asks for help on WeChat

Zhou Rui fell to his death