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Confessions of a shazhupan scammer from Myanmar

I worked as a "dog push" in Myanmar since last year. For people who are not familiar, "dog push" refers to employees who make money for their boss in a shazhupan industry. We scout victims online on social media platform, manipulate victims into fraudulent investments platforms through a scripted manual provided by the Company.

My family live in the rural area of Shanwei, Guangdong. In 2017, I was working as a clerk in a chain convenience store in Shenzhen for more than a year. In October 2018, I thought life was getting better, I was promoted to manager and even found my other half. I was going to save enough for our future development but god gave me a reality check.

In early April 2019, my girlfriend said that she wants to return home so I got her a some basic essential food and a high speed rail ticket. It was untill towards the end of April where I received a phone call from her that she is going to leavve me because "I don't see any future with you".

To be honest, the split up trigger all sorts of painful and unsettling emotions.

I first collected the wrong change several times at the cashier of the store which result in losing 600-700 dollars in a month. I replenished the wrong goods during the replenishment, which caused the hot products to go out of stock, and the warehouse was full of unsellable products. I was eventually fired by my boss.

The split cause a great deal of emotional turmoil and serious toll on my well-being. I spend day and night playing games on the computer. I would wander in the middle of the night on the streets of Shenzhen, seeking something that would numb the pain. Months later, my savings ran out and I knew I have to look for a job.

At this time, I chanced upon a job posting :

Sales Representative

Job location : northern Myanmar;

Monthly salary of 9,800 yuanplus 20% sales commission;

High-end office building;

Food, accommodation, and air tickets provided;

Accepting junior high school education

I did an estimated calculation on the living expenses in northern Myanmar; food and other essentials and concluded that I should be able to save up a fair bit of money in months. Moreover, a place abroad would made me forget about the relationship.

I proceed to contact the recruitment in charge He Liang through wechat. I immediately sent him a copy of my CV and decide where and when to meet. On 2019, 3rd of October, I board a bus to Pu'er City or Yunan. There, I met He Liang, to be very honest, he sure doesnt look like a white-collar worker.

He was very enthusiastic and took me to a hotel in Pu'er City. When I arrived, there were more than a dozen young men and women with me. We flew to the Wa State, the second special zone of Shan State in northern Myanmar.


He Liang taking a picture at the airport of Myanmar

We were taken to the Company’s headquarters, an ordinary three-story old building on the outskirts of the city upon arrival. It is completely different from the office building previously advertised. I was a bit ominous at that point.

"This was completely different from what you advertised" - I told He Liang

"Dont worry, you don't have to sign the contract as long as you make up the expenses that was already paid" Said He Liang

I read the details of the compensation fee that amounts to a total of more than 30,000 yuan.

"The hotel rented by the company in China, food expenses, air tickets, visa fees, and some expenses here, add up to this amount. You are free to sign or not, and we do not force you."

All my assets now add up to less than 4,000 yuan. After getting off the plane, He Lang took our ID cards and visas. I had no choice but to sign the work agreement.

"Dog Push" work is divided into very fine detail, and the company will issue a variety of conversation scripts. Basically, you can correspond according to what is mentioned. When to say what to do and what to do, the instructions are pretty clear.

One of the scripts provided by the Company

The company’s office space is equivalent to be a one-story building. Twenty people in an office sat face to face. There are several such offices on the first floor, which adds up to a hundred people.

My job is to impersonate someone who is good looking and rich in various identities, I am responsible for sourcing "rich pigs" also known as "victims" , falling in love with her (him), leading her to the investment platform

Female colleagues are responsible to post some daily short video platforms to induce fans to add them to WeChat, deceiving them to work in northern Myanmar. Some are responsible for impersonating as customer service, the company will send fraudulent text messages, or install a link to a fraudulent APP, these customer service will use various intimidation methods to deceive victims to install.

Conversation scripts provided by the Company

Scripts provided by the Company, which varies from person to person: For example, I am from the XX department, and I am investigating a criminal case of XXX. Your bank card is suspected of XXXX. We need your cooperation...

My first victim, a white collar homosexual

The first one I scammed was a homosexual. At that time, He is a white-collar worker in the city, because he put too much emphasis on his independence and freedom, and did not conceal his sexual orientation. As a result, he was fired from the previous company. I added him on a certain forum pretending to be a gay. I followed the instructions on the script at the time and successfully made him fall head over heels for me.

I described to him the ideal and beautiful vision of living in a country where homosexuality is legal abroad, I intend to take him to live in a country where homosexuality is legal. Anyway, it is impossible to get married in a fair manner in China, and friends will not bless me. It would be better to accompany me and make more money. When we save enough money, we will then invite friends in the circle of friends, adopt a child, and we will live happily ever after.

He was immediately moved by my vision and invested more than 200,000 yuan. He said that it was the hard-earned money he saved for seven or eight years at work. According to the script, I told him to loan from relatives and friends to invest in order to earn enough to live with me abroad as soon as possible. he fabricated various reasons to find his friends and relatives, and borrowed almost all he knew. Especially his eldest sister, who loved him since childhood, regarded him as a treasure, almost responsive to requests. She did not hesitate to loan him all the money she had accumulated for half a lifetime.

The last time he invested on the platform, I received a message that reads : "My dear, my friends said that I met a scammer. I believe you are sincere, It does not matter if you lost in trading. I am prepared for the risk of investment" as long as you are sincere in being together.

I was speechless when I read the message but what can I do? At this stage, he can't get his money back.

That night, my Company celebrate the sucess by putting up fireworks for the 500,00 yuan that I scammed. It was only than I realised that every fireworks will be put on display for every 500,000 yuan scammed.

Second Victim: Women with bachelor degree who rather stay single

My second victim was a married woman who had a bachelor's degree. She registered an account on a well-known dating website. According to the script, I claimed that I was a native of Guangzhou, and my mother was from Xinjiang. I have been single for more than a year. I started my own business less than three years after graduating from university. She asked me what the company name was, and I urged that I would take her to the company when the time is right, and then we started to talk about our lives and hobbies...

She developed feelings for me in less than two months.

I claimed that the company operates an overseas e-commerce platform, but usually does a sideline business, blockchain is one of them, so I sent her a photo of the K-line diagram and revealed some professional knowledge: according to the international concept currency. I observe the financial direction according to the trend, calculate the transaction volume, and combine the differential cryptographic calculation...

These are all based on the script. In fact, I don't understand what I'm talking about. Speaking to a certain extent, I revealed to her that I used 200,000 principal at the beginning, but now it has more than 200 and so on. Her initial reaction was that the investment was too complicated and she did not want to be involve. I encouraged her: "There is me, I have confidence in you. Don't give up anything easily. I really don't understand. Try it out."

She was finally tempted and tried the first investment. She first started to purchase 100 U coins (1U≈6.5 RMB) on the platform. I control the backend system and made her earn a profit of 300 RMB.

Next, she tried to purchased 5,000 yuan, and I help her make another 1,000 yuan or so. She really fell into it, and bought more than 30,000 yuan in one go. I made her take up loan to double her investment. In total, she remitted more than 100,000 yuan. I then control the system that reflect how she made 20,000 yuan.

At this point, she couldn't withdraw anymore, because I restricted the numbers on the backend system, the only thing she didnt know was that the interface on her side was not displayed. On the very next day, she wanted to withdraw to pay off partial of her loan and all I did was to reflect how she lost all her investments by scrolling my mouse.

At first, I comforted her, "Don’t worry, relax. I lost more than 300,000 yuan before, but I made it all back." Of course, the purpose of saying this was to induce her to continue investing, because people who got this point would try all ways to make some money back, at any cost. However, this girl suddenly woke up, "You are a scammer, do you know that you are committing a crime?".

In fact, when I get to this place, all i got to do is to block her. I don’t know what got into me, I continue to argue with her, “If the virtual currency used in the whole world is illegal, why am I still talking to you? I’m now ttrying to solve the problem, are you crazy?"

She scolded "You scammed my hard earned money, I hope your entire family die in the most horrific manner"

I replied : "I hope your entire family die too".

Got scammed through doctor's consultation

At the end of 2020, just after the Chinese New Year, this "victim" went online to find STD treatment plans. As a result, one of the "doctor's consultations" was also our package. The information he filled out on the webpage was quickly passed to me via the company. I just started to take this "order" and thought it was wrong-a middle-aged man who consulted on the internet for treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. I asked him to take photos and videos of all kinds of genitals, of course, in the name of diagnosis and treatment. We then began to blackmail him, asking him to pay, we told the victim that we will send the photos to his friends, company colleagues, and spread them on the Internet. We have him transfer three or four thousand at a time. He was extorted nearly 20,000 yuan before and after.

Not all scams go so smoothly. I will occasionally meet some savvy people who know that this is a scam but they deliberately chat with you just to tease you.

Colleagues who had poor sales performance

Colleagues who could not complete the sales quota for the month were fined. Some would be called to go the small room for a brutal beating. The Company would use plank to beat, punch and kick us like we are not human at all. After the beating, some of my colleagues would starve for 2 days without food. One of my colleagues ribs and back were covered with bruises.

One of the beatings taken from the dorm

The company is usually guarded. We can't communicate with people from the outside. Taking pictures in private is prohibited. There are time rules for eating and going to the toilet. You will be fined if you exceed the time. This place is also equipped with a lot of surveillance. Our every move is monitored by them. If there is any untracked behavior, such as negotiating to leave or something, we will be beaten up. Our life is worthless in a place like Myanmar, no one would bother.

In fact, these behaviors of the scam company have been suspected of illegal detention, violent injuries and other crimes, but the stonishing thing is that the local police do not care. We later learned that everyone in our company are required to pay the police a fixed fee per person as a form of "protection fee". I don’t know the specifics.

Burmese police who collect "protection fees"

Sometimes I look at the screen and think of the reason why I am here.

Several victims went bankrupt and whose fault is this anyway? My ex girlfriend's fault? My own fault? Or is it the company's fault? The victim's fault? Or is it the world's fault? I can't figure it out.

Sometimes sitting in front of the computer, looking at the data sent by the victim, I hope that the chinese police will show up here and rescue me from this fire pit.

My family later save me by compensating the Company after working for more than half a year.

After causing so much hurt and damage to so many people, I still didn't save any money. The company just regards us as "fat pigs" in another sense. My family mortgaged the house in my hometown and managed to scrape together tens of thousands of dollars, to saved me. They only knew that I was deceived by a Company, and the other party asked for money but I will never tell them what exactly happened.


I now deliver food, I don’t dare to think about the future or surrender. I don’t even dare to recall the past experience.



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