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The origin of 70 billion Myanmar scams : Grand master of the scam industry, Ding Ning

In recent years, advertisements for making a fortune in Myanmar have been everywhere, especially during the epidemic, which attracted a handful of unemployed people. As long as you move your fingers, you can earn tens of thousands of yuan a month. When you really reach the actual destination stated in the advertisement, the door behind you then closes, and you will then be greeted with endless darkness.

The reason why scam companies in northern Myanmar are so arrogant and rampant is due to Ding Ning, the grand master and founder who lead the scam industry.

In December 2017, Ding Ning faces jthe court verdict of a extraordinarily large illegal fund-raising case which lasted almost two years finally come to an end. It can be seen in the verdict that Ding Ning and his organization not only committed the crime of telecommunciations fraud, but also the crime of illegally crossing the border and illegally possessing guns.

At the end of 2014, the Kokang Allied forces in Myanmar took the initiative to attack the Myanmar government forces. In 2015, they also formed the North Myanmar United Front with the Kachin Independence Army. Large-scale armed conflicts broke out and caused massive casualties. The turmoil in Myanmar was as turbulent as Israel and Iran in the Middle East. Meanwhile, Ding Ning saw an opporunity within the chaos at the expense of 900,000 victims scammed by his organisation.

On the peak in 2015, Ding Ning announced that his organsation have the backing of the army troops , a free trade zone of 6,000 square kilometers, and established South East Asian Union Bank.

According to Ding Ning, the 6,000 square kilometer free trade zone iwas said to be a big project established in conjunction with the Maritime Silk Road. Myanmar has given his organsation a lot of authority, and they have also started to negotiate cooperation with Cambodia.

In 2015, Ding Ning’s company obtained the support of the local army through a large number of bribery and established the Southeast Asia United Bank. His organsation started recruiting jobseekers via internet with promises of high salaries and good accomodation. Ding Ning also recruited a large number of network technology and marketing elites to Myanmar, through smuggling and kidnapping.

Prior to Ding's arrival, Myanmar was living in a state or condition in which a person or community lacks the financial resources and essentials for a minimum standard of living. Local prices soared one after another after Ding's presence and establishments in the area. At that point, he could do whatever he want including naming streets and asking the government to give away land.

Zhang Min, the president of Ding Ning’s mistress of the organsatione, was given a monthly salary from 150,000 to 1 million in a short period of time. Peng Li’s annual salary has also risen from 2 million to 6 million all from doing fraud business.

Ding was not short of cash, he wanted power instead.

He invested several billions of fictitious projects in Myanmar. He was wealthy and magnificent. Ding Ning’s style of splurging cash to the then poverty country have since made boast the ecnomy and thus the government got blinded by greed. Since it was not possible to gain the same amount of power in his own country, he decided to do it in Myanmar to gain power.

The scammers are so rich that they are eager to find places to set up fraud dens and money laundering centers. Myanmar then began to see huge population flooded in from drivers to restaurants owners to casino operators all to cater for scammers.

In any case, Myanmar has become a paradise for Ding Ning and the others. They were the only local commercial bank besides the central bank that took over all financial services. The border situation and the disciples should also know about the Mekong operation, drug barons, armed struggles, and human lives are like weeds. If you die, you'll die. In this place, a commercial bank has taken advantage of the fact that many people in the country are not concerned about the situation in Myanmar. People underestimate the darkness of human nature just benefit themself.

Ding would often used his achievement for Southeast Asia United Bank to source for investors citing his credibility and power in the market. Under Ding's wings, he have hundreds of big projects and that even if his Company is down, he still have projects and bank as a back up. Besides having banks and projects, Ding would also brag about the local administrative power he holds.

From then, Myanmmar scam business began to flood in and boast the economy of the country.

In September 2018, the Chinese and Myanmar police jointly launched a cross-border telecommunication fraud operation and arrested a number of online fraud gangs in northern Myanmar. They would often advertised high-paying recruitment jobs on social platforms, or online gambling platform to even using young and good looking women to deceived people around the world.

Once the jobseekers entered Myanmar, they would lose their identity and private phone. There is no way of return, it's pretty much a one-way street. Some were forced to hold guns, sell explosives armed, drugs, humans smuggling, gambling and telecommunications fraud. Jobseekers were forced into slavery and got tortured if they do not produce enough sales. They would be hit by electronic rod if they refuse to concede to taking the orders from the company. Scam companies would often brainwashed them into scamming victims.

Acording to one of the chinese programmer, he was tricked into a job advertisement stating that the Company provides a monthly salary of 30-50,000 RMB, private babysitter and a private room with seaview. Without hesitation, he packed his clothing and left happily only to realised that it isnt what he think it is. His job is to produce coding in a casino and ensure the casino would would benefit and not lose.


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