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Tips to check the authenticity of your scammer

Asked for a video-chat

Scammers can fake a video-chat; ensure the video chat lasts for more than 1 minute and pay attention to the lips and ensure they are in sync.

Asked to meet in real life

We encountered scammers who claimed to live in your region but would produce 100 reasons not to meet you or ghost you on the day itself stating that something came up.

Asked to communicate in WeChat

Due to the strict anti-fraud center of China efforts, scammers will never provide the fraud website on WeChat and/or add you on the app stating that they do not have an account with the app.

Reverse image

Websites: Google, baidu, youtaotu, sogou, pimeyes Yandex are some of the websites where you could do a reverse image check. Please be mindful that you might not find some of them as some of the scammers have improvise to stealing photos from Thai influencers instead. Thai influencers might not appear on the Chinese website. Heres a tip:- Pick those photos that are directly facing the camera or zoom in before searching so that you have better results!

Contact Number

The most common contact no we seen is +852, +60, +44, (We later figured that these countries are easier to get sim cards without having to register). Their reply would always be "I previously registered the contact no on my WhatsApp." Try calling the scammer directly instead of apps, they are usually not operative.

Fake Passports/ ID

Scammers would usually sent a copy of their fake ID to prove that they are legit.

Chinese ID can traced through:

Fraud Website

Legit investment website will never asked you to pay for security fees and country tax fees etc to have your money withdrawn from the fraud website. There is also one very common thing among all fraud website; you are required to communicate with the customer service through WhatsApp/ LINE (in Chinese or broken English) to deposit into a series of bank accounts.

Please visit to check on the investment platform. Scammers will use a hundred reasons to convince you that the website is real.

Legit Website used for money laundering

Based on recent stats, scam companies have mainly switched their base to cryptocurrency websites which are legitimate. Victims will be asked to go to Binance, Coinhako, Coinbase, Bitcoin, first to remit funds through the e-wallet before leading victims to the fraud website. E-wallets are bascially untraceable and therefore even the police can't help you out. We have victims who filed for report under two weeks and got issued an letter from Singapore Police Force stating that they have exhuasted all means and would therefore closed the case.

Binance sellers have been giving warnings to customers too that they are involve in a scam.

Last by not least...

Dear Victims who are still in doubt, lets be real...........

Someone who is overly good looking would never bother to go around social media adding random people who look extra ordinary then after make money for you.


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