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Tricking English translators for ShaZhuPan Scripts

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

GASO received a tip off from one Nepali who got tricked into working for a Chinese online-telecom fraud company in Nepal for 3 days before escaping.

DJ, the ex-employee revealed that he got lured by a job advertisement that said "Translator needed for a Bitcoin company". Upon the first day on the job, he realized something was amiss and hence he started Googling and found our website. He was translating from Chinese into English the company's scamming manual.

We thank DJ for providing the Shazhupan script to be used for deceiving victims into investing. Let's pray for his safety in getting back home for the next 60 days.

GASO would like to take this opportunity to warn job seekers to be cautious with job advertisements particularly with "bank accounts rental" and or with "overseas job opportunity with high paid salary". If you join, you WILL BE prosecuted under local laws for criminal activities.

Pictures below translated into English using Yandex at the very bottom.

In English:



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