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Victims - Most frequently asked questions (Part 1)

1. I got scammed recently, is it useful to report to the police?

Answer: Yes, you should always lodge a police report.

Print a copy of the bank accounts that you have transferred to and chat history.

There is hope when you lodge a report but when you don't even if the police manage to take down their operations. They will not be able to find the previous victims who were involved in the scam. The police will also not be able to crack the case if there are no witnesses therefore the scammers might be released from jail earlier than expected.

Many people feel that the hope of reporting the case to the police is slim, and it is possible that the money will never be recovered. But what I want to tell you is that you have no other choice but to report to the police? After all, it is a network telecommunications fraud. You don't know where the scammer is, whether it is a man or a woman, let alone find them. It is also possible that you might get your money back one day. Although it is said that telecommunications fraud cases are difficult to solve but however we do encounter cases where the case is cracked..

2. I have the phone number, account number, Alipay, IP address, voice recordings. Why can't the police nab them?

Answer:- The phone number are usually purchased illegally, any images sent by them even their profile picture are stolen from their library collection. Where they claimed they are from are also fake. In short, scammers will never reveal their true identity.

Bank account numbers given to the police are usually arranged by their Company; used for money laundering; the account holders might not even based locally, dead and/or stolen ID used to register for bank account. Even if the account holders are in fact found, they are usually small time scapegoat and knows nothing about the scam organization. These people usually get paid about USD1,500 a week as long as the account is active. The accomplices aka runners who are in charged of withdrawing the cash from the ATM most likely is not aware of the actual scam company based. They are being paid just to withdraw funds and further passed through a circle of people before it reaches the scam Company account.

3. Weeks and months have passed, What should I do if there is still no news?

Answer: - It is extremely normal as the police will take time to investigate the money trails.

It's not as simple as you think it is, not to mention that the fraudulent information is basically fake. it is quite difficult and time-consuming. The most common words I've heard is "Why don't the police do anything if they collect taxpayers' money?". Please be patient and just wait; avoid blasting your investigation officer contact number because they have other cases to solve as well. International crime is not as easy as you think it is.

4. How many of the victims who were scammed by the telecommunications recovered the scammed money?

Answer:- If the case is solved, the suspects are being brought back to their home country, money were recovered than there is a chance to recover back your money. Chances are slim but you should always hope for the best for justice to be served. We have a minority numbers of victims who were able to recover back partial of their money after 2 years.

5. Is there any other ways to recover back the money through other channels other than the police?

Answer:- No, I'm sorry to disappoint you.

We have ever encounter victims who who received text messages from people who claimed to be hackers, companies that could help you recover partially, technician, customer service from the fraud company who claimed to run away with your money and is ready to return you. All of the above often lead to you having to pay them an amount first before they "helped" you however in reality, it is just another way to scam your money again.

6. I have already lodged a police report against the suspect, why are their contact number/ website still active?

Answer:- The police do not have the rights to cease the contact number from an external telecom company. In most cases, the contacts number you seen were purchased overseas and used to register for WhatsApp only. They might not even owned the sim card at all.

Depending on the country you are at, most countries however is able to shut down the website internally you should be able to see phrases ie "The site requested is unavailable as it contains prohibited material that is against the public interest. Should you have further enquiries on the matter, please submit them to the e-feedback portal at the Singapore Police Force's official website:"

Most countries authorities also have the ability to freeze the bank accounts that were used for money laundering followed by an investigation from the bank account holders.

If you have transferred the money to a Company owned bank account ie Hong Kong or China. We would advise you to lodge a police report in that country via online. (ie you are a citizen of America but transferred the funds to Hong Kong) in this case, you should inform Hong Kong police via their online portal. We have victims who have done that and sue the Company whom they transferred the money to.

7. How long do I have to wait for the next update from the police?

Answer:- There is no definite answer to this, based on our experience, it could be 6 months to 2 years. You might not even hear from the police for the rest of your life especially if your suspect is based abroad.

8. We have successfully obtain IP address of the scammer, why did the police do nothing about it?

Answer:- VPN that you have successfully got from the scammers might be fake as well.

Based on our researched for the last 2 years. Most scam companies are based in Laos, Cambodia Phnom Penh, Sihanohkville. Myanmar, Philippines, Dubai, Malaysia, China,

Scam companies engaged security guards who were armed with AK47, they also bribed the locals to inform them in the event of a crackdown of their den. Political issues between the 4 regions say Myanmar are also one of the setbacks for the police to capture them. Like we mentioned, it is not as simple as you think it is.

Lastly, we urged victims to always have hope at the end of the day. Try your best to go back to your normal life right before the scam. Work on recovering your debts. If you are interested to join hands with us to prevent more victims from falling into the prey. Do leave a comment on the contact us page and we will get back to you within 4 hours!

Still have more questions? Proceed to FAQ, Part 2


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