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Psychological Aspect

Scams - We've seen it on TV and crime watch.

Never going to happen on me right?

[If you have been deceived, please skip to the processing flow and deal with it as soon as possible! 】

Article will focus on two aspects for victims who just got scammed:-

1. Psychological Aspect

(Discuss the three needs and three no's, and the three psychological factors of fraudulent use).

2. Second, monetary

(Details of the fraud, processing procedures)

2. Third, Can I get my money back?

(Details of the fraud, processing procedures)

1. Psychological Aspect

Victims lived in fear, shame and panicked; victims will start to question why and how did this happen? Victims will have a strong sense of self-blame thinking that she was stupid and careless. The best way is to first find comfort and stabilizes your emotions, find a support group aka victims who were also scammed; someone who understands you.

3 things you should never do if you are a bystander

Do not blame the victim

  • "How can you be scammed? Isn't this obviously a scam? "

  • "Didn't you watch the news?

  • "Didn't you think its weird that the scammer told you to operate this way?"

  • "You are too careless, I told you to be more careful"

Funfact: No victims wants to be deceived and give away their hard earn money down the drain.

Don’t keep asking the victim to explain:

After the victim stabilize their emotions, the most utmost important thing to do encourage the victim to lodge a police report at the nearest police station, freeze the bank account that were used to transfer the funds.

Bystanders - Stop bragging:

"Your money must have been taken away long time ago;"

"Scams are very powerful, look at yourself!"

"I would never get deceived if I were you"

These words made the victim feel uncomfortable.

It is not shameful to be deceived, people make mistakes. We all learned it the hard way; it might be an expensive lesson but we grew stronger.

Scam companies exploit the two psychology of victims.

In the past, scams companies used greed in human nature,

However scam tactics improvised in this era, the scammer will make you think that if you don’t will lead to...consequences,


  • If it is not processed before 12:00 in the morning, the funds in the trading account will be forfeited.

  • Scammers made you think they are helping you by leading you to think that they deposit a large amount of money into your trading account; if you do not pay up the funds, you will have to return him his portion of the share.


Scammers will sent you a stolen image of them cutting their wrist; they misused company funds to service your share of trade; fake cry; they been out drinking and could not get contacted because they were too "depressed"

The scams industry have extremely extraordinary patience, careful in their verbal use, vvery well trained. I am sure there were countless times of flaws where victims detected or overlooked but the scammers will use their way to brush it off by giving an extraordinary reason.

2. Money

Process of handling a scam case.

Lodge a police report immediately; bank accounts that were used to transfer funds

If you are fast enough, the police usually work with banks to issue a money freeze and therefore recover your money.

2. Can I get my money back?

In some cases, the victims managed to contact us almost on the day of the transfer therefore she was able to freeze the account and recover the funds back. For those who were late, can always lodge a police report, hoping that someday the money can be recover by bits. If you have transferred the funds to Company accounts name, you may also sue the Company in a lawsuit in which some of our victims managed to recover partial of their loss from doing so.


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