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What to Do if Someone Admits to Scamming

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

In some cases while chatting, a scammer may admit that they are a scammer and may reveal information about their life. In this article, we discuss some suggested next steps and possible warnings for individuals in such a situation. If you have been confronted by a scammer who admits to their job, please continue reading.

Scam Life

Your scammer may have told you that his or her life is very miserable and that they were tricked into this lifestyle. In many cases, this may very well be true. Because the act of scamming is considered very disgraceful, scam companies in Dubai and SE Asia sometimes resort to writing false job descriptions and salaries in order to lure unsuspecting individuals into becoming scam slaves. Oftentimes, they will use recruiters who may be current or former scammers to lie and recruit old friends or coworkers for a bounty. However, GASO also wants to make it clear that many scammers are also working voluntarily and may be ashamed to admit that they arrived there voluntarily. They may have responded to a job ad understanding that their job was to scam, only to be disappointed at work conditions upon arrival. Alternatively, they may work there and be completely satisfied with work conditions.

Because it is very difficult to discern the truth from a scammer online, GASO advises caution to all individuals who run into scammers, even if the scammer confesses who they are.

Alternative Scripts

A scammer may confess for multiple unknown reasons. However, it is important to understand that scammers are living in a different world guided by a different code of ethics. Many scammer slaves are in such a dark place that they are willing to do anything to get out. This may include confessing in order to get favors or money from an individual. It may involve captivating the heart of an individual in order to accomplish this. They may tell truthful stories about how disturbing their life is in order to engender sympathy from the other party. Here are three common alternative scripts used by scammers after confessing:

  1. “I can help you earn your money back.” This is one of the most common scripts scammers use to manipulate pig butchering scam victims who can recognize scammers online. They will often portray themselves as individuals who sympathize with your situation and suggest that they know some kind of secret loophole which will allow them to give you your money back. Although some stories exist where scammers have given victims back some money, this is the exception rather than the rule. Most scammers will use this script to take more money from victims. Note that if they ask you to put in money before getting money back, this is likely another scam.

  2. “Please send me money to rescue me from this terrible situation.” In this scenario, a scammer will describe the terrible work conditions that they are under. They may tell individuals that they have been tricked and unable to go home for several years, subject to torture and/or inhumane treatment. They will ask for money to go towards their rescue. Note that the current debt a scammer has to pay can be upwards of around $52,000 USD. Any money paid to “rescue” a scammer will go towards the boss, bolstering the scam business further and resulting in more victims. Scammers may say they will pay an individual back, but to GASO’s knowledge, most scammers who were rescued will not repay debts to those who rescued them once they return home. Anyone who pays into a scam business is supporting a crime.

  3. “I love you, please help me create fake accounts and pay my bills.” In this situation, a scammer will try to maintain a long-term relationship with an individual in order to receive help in the form of opening social media accounts, helping with scam work, and paying bills. Note that participating in such acts is assisting in a crime, and if investigated, IP addresses and phone numbers can be traced back to the user. This means that if you create a social media account for a scammer, you may be recognized as an accomplice for a crime. Oftentimes, scammers are skilled enough to manipulate individuals into risking their lives for love without sharing any personal details about their (the scammer’s) real life, their face, or where they are actually from. They often do this through telling truthful stories about the horrors they experience in a scam company paired with the promise of a future of marriage together.

girl holding heart
Even after admitting to being a part of a romance scam, scammers may still use romance to attempt to manipulate individuals to perform extra favors for them

GASO’s Recommendations

So what should you do if a scammer confesses themselves to you? Firstly, be aware that a lot of what a scammer says about their work conditions may be true. Some scammers are in very awful situations and cannot get out. However, because they are desperate to leave, they may unethically manipulate individuals into performing illegal acts or participating in scamming by making these individuals pity them. Understand that although many scammers may act like they want to build a romantic relationship, they are often in a situation where building a romantic relationship is practically impossible. They may simply pretend to care in order to obtain an accomplice for their work, or for females, to also receive online sexual favors.

If a scammer confesses to you and you feel comfortable with it, we urge you turn them over to GASO to be assessed by scambaiters experienced with the industry. Depending on the situation, GASO may be able to help. If you do not wish to turn them over to GASO, we also suggest that you create ethical boundaries with the scammer. No matter how much you may want to help, do NOT give money to a scammer. Do NOT help scammers to create fake accounts or otherwise assist in scamming victims. Note again that assisting scammers is acting as an accomplice to a crime.

Stay tuned for GASO’s upcoming scambait story about a victim of an alternative script.


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