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Why I can never forgive scammers and they should just die!

I've read several stories on how the scammers got there, how they got beaten up, and how they got to scam us to survive, etc. To be honest, I've read them all.

I was a victim of one the platforms and I got scammed almost $100,000 USD. I've heard both sides of the stories and I will never forgive the scammers. As for the person behind all operations: I pray that they get tortured, go to hell, and will never be reborn again.

The Kind Scammers (Dogs)

First of all, let’s talk about the "kind scammers." Kind scammers would confess that they are scammers at the end of the day and then tell the victims to be strong and offer an apology. They would tell their victims not to take things too hard. In my opinion, dogs like these are hard to come by, but they know their bottom line. They scammed a certain amount that is enough for them and at the same time, leave some pennies for you and will never pressure you to take loans from banks or mortgage off your place. Let’s just say it’s just enough for victims to pay for a lesson not to trust an online person, and at the same time enough for the scammer to survive.

The Worst Scammers of all time, the ones who should just DIE kind of dogs!

Dogs who belong to this category do not deserve to be forgiven, they do not have any bottom line. Their target is to scam every penny out from their victims. They would convince victims to mortgage off their property and car; seek loans from family and friends, banks and private loan companies, and loan sharks. They don't care if you die or you file for bankruptcy. They just want to totally destroy you because they think your life is worthless.

Some of these victims end up in huge debt and are forced to sell off their properties, and live from a typical well renovated place to a third world rental room -- all because they wrongly trusted these dirty little bastards. Just when you thought that you have given every penny you could get for the scammer, they ask for more. They would then proceed to send your nudes that they had gotten from you prior because it will never be enough for these low life scammers. Sources revealed that the scammers would also sell victim's data such as cell phone number and ID number, etc. to other scam companies e.g. Vict companies.

Victims who got scammed under this category of dogs would never be able to regain their normal life ever again. Some chose to commit suicide and some cut their wrist and, no, I am not kidding you because we visit victims every week at the hospital.

So, don't tell me that the scammers had no choice. They have a choice, they could either choose to be the kind sort of dogs, or the worst dogs.

I don't even think they are humans. Every month end I remembered how I stupidly went to get bank loans and to private loan companies, just to take up another loan for these low life bastards. I remembered going to two companies where they asked me what was the loan for and warned me not to fall for scams. They reminded me to be cautious and that I should check if the investment site is legit to avoid incurring more losses.

Most scammers are good at targeting the weaker victims, such as women who are married for years and who are lonely, women who recently divorced, women who just broke up with their other half, single moms, women who are in their late 30’s who are craving for love to settle down, or women who came from broken families. Victims who got scammed by these scammers would suffer financial grief and not be able to pick themselves up for a long time.

Trampling of human dignity

I am going to provide a couple of examples replies from some of our victim's scammers:-

I exposed my scammer back then that I do not want to take up any loan from anyone and that he is a scammer. I swear to god my scammer replied me with "You are a scammer who try to scam my money and you want to push me to the edge and you want me to die! I pray that you and your scammer family die!" Yes! My scammer called me a scammer because I didn't give him enough money! And of course I got blocked the next day.

I've had scammers who said “My existence in your life taught you who are your real friends who are willing to lend a helping hand and I taught you not to trust your money with anyone you met online." Sorry? But whatttttt??????!! Do you lowlifes not even feel remorseful or something? I thanked those who didn’t loan me a penny in fact cause if they did, I would probably be in trouble by now. Sorry, but not sorry!

We have this scammer who shared victim's nudes with their colleagues just to exchange a packet of cigs and would brag to the victim, "Hey, I was angry at you not giving me more nudes so I shared your pictures to my colleagues", he would then continue to attached more images of the victim's nudes to the victim to remind her of the incident.

I have another classic example of how I exposed one of my victim's scammer and how they operate from head to toe. The scammer would then reply, "Your money is still with me, idiot, and you are an idiot, that's why you got scammed, you stupid fool!" This behavior of sprinkling salt on people's wounds and taking pleasure in the pain of others has not only crossed the bottom line of being a human being, but the bottom line of beasts is higher than that of them.

As for the bosses behind the dirty operations: you will have your retribution; you might not see it now but I believe in KARMA! Your children will suffer and you will as well!

Many people’s lives are completely ruined and even driven to a dead end. In fact, I am going to spend the rest of my life devoting every second of my life doing anti-fraud. Setting up a website since June has in fact brought more awareness than ever. I've single heartedly stopped more than 10 victims from their third deposit and some even at their first. I've at least 100 new visitors from all over the globe who is reading this every single day. I believe there are more people who are like me and that one day we will stop you these scammers from scamming anymore victims.

I've been thinking a lot lately that I've had my suspicions back then; too many to be named and that I really felt dumb. Examples:

  • Why am I required to communicate with a weird customer service that uses broken English, just so I can deposit and withdraw?

  • The investment event activity given to me was in SGD as per what the scammer claimed, but how could it be in SGD if the Company uses USD to trade, and that since everything is written in broken English. The event activity could either be in RMB or USD.

  • Why does the customer service calls me as Miss? Why would the CS remembers me as a woman?

  • Why is my scammer so pushy?

  • Why wouldn't my scammer meet me if he claimed to be in Singapore?

  • Why would the customer service forget about the date of withdrawal? And why would it have the dates all mixed up?

I believed a lot of victims been though aplenty of doubts that were ,but choose to trust their scammers. I wouldn’t be deceived if I would sit down and listen, or if I would communicate with my family and friends, but the world is cruel. There isn’t a regret pill where you could take and go back to the past. I came to the realization that I got freaking scammed and it’s all written in the books of fate. In the end, we lost everything.

Lastly, do not attempt to use logic to analyse these lowlife bastards. You didn’t get scammed by one lowlife bastard. You are just ONE against the entire Company. Once they choose you, you are destined to get scammed. Did they not know that the number of broken families they caused? Do you really stupidly think that they are not aware of the number of lives taken by them? What happens to the children of those single mothers they scammed? How are they different from kidnappers who steal- children to be orphaned? As such, do not try to give them any inch of emotion or try to understand their world!

If you are one of the victims reading this, please let go. I know it is extremely hard, but I did. Even if I know chances of getting back the money could be very slim but I have hope. Most importantly, let yourself go, don't be gloomy for life in self-blame and regret. Life has reached the bottom, the next step is uphill, but it will get better and better!



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