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Blackmail scams using fake skin to pose as naked women requesting nude chats

The fake women are actually men who use fake skin to create a body for themselves online.

  • Police issued a warning to raise awareness about scammers who take compromising naked pictures and videos to blackmail victims

They say seeing is believing, but that is not necessarily the case if a pretty girl online starts a video chat with you, especially if she asks to have a nude chat.

Police in China have issued a warning about fake women online who use false skin to make themselves appear female and entrap men into removing their clothes and then blackmailing them. Scammers use human skin, breasts and facial features, according to a video warning posted online this month by mainland police.

Internet users were stunned by the video that featured an example of a fake woman. In the clip, a woman appears wearing nothing, but a bra and underpants and starts to remove her skin from below the neck. Seconds later the woman’s breasts are revealed to be a man’s chest with the fake skin pushed down below the waist.