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"Blood slave" incident: lucky to only be critically ill, others missing or dead.

2022-02-16 07:22

Recently, a story that a young man from Jiangsu was forced to have his blood drawn by a telecom/online fraud company in Cambodia has attracted the attention of netizens. On February 15, this reporter learned from the local Chinese organization China-Cambodia Volunteer Organization that the young man is now out of critical condition.

The "blood slave" incident has brought the Cambodian telecom/online fraud industry into the public eye again. On February 11, this news outlet reported on the lawlessness by the Cambodian telecom fraud industry with the title "Chinese people trapped in Cambodian fraud companies: paid 300,000 ransom but were resold, failed to complete the performance was electrocuted".

In the afternoon of Feb. 15, a Wechat user Ah Long, who specializes in exposing local frauds and kidnappings that result in deaths, and the spokesperson of the Chinese community in Cambodia, said in an interview that "blood slavery" is not uncommon in Cambodia, but more disturbing are unprovoked kidnappings and killings.

Street in Cambodia

Draining the last drop of blood from employees

Li Linpeng (a pseudonym) from Jiangsu province has been bloodied several times by a telecom/online fraud company because he refused to engage in online fraud. The polarizing news reporter learned that Li Limpeng is currently out of life threatening condition, but he can only be maintained by blood transfusion because his hematopoietic function has not been restored.

Li Linpeng

Li Linpeng in hospital

As previously reported, in Cambodian telecom fraud companies, employees who fail to perform or disobey are beaten, electrocuted and eventually resold.

Ah Long told Extreme News that if they are really resold because of poor performance, can't type, etc., then they may not find a next home at all. "At this point, the online fraud company will try to squeeze everything out of you, including bleeding you."

Aron said that people who experience blood draws are very lucky to end up alive and in the hospital, because in Cambodia, generally such people may end up facing death.

In an interview with Cambodia Today, Lee Lim Peng recalled that the people around him who had their blood drawn with him had been threatened to sell their organs, and the next day the people disappeared. Before the Chinese New Year, the personnel of the fraudulent company he worked for also threatened Li Limpeng to cooperate or his organs would be sold.

Some Cambodian Chinese businessmen believe that the blood of these people may be used for underground organ surgery transplants; in addition, it may also be given to clinics in their own fraud company parks for emergency use, as there are clinics in the large-scale fraud company parks.

Inexplicable disappearances and deaths

Ah Long stayed in Cambodia for many years.

With beautiful sea views and simple life, Cambodia before 2018 looked all good to Ah Long. Because Ah Long is not a person in the fraud syndicates, news of the occasional kidnapping and fraud incidents did not concern him too much.

However, starting in 2019, when more and more Chinese people around him appeared to be kidnapped for sale, or even beaten and electrocuted and fled in haste, only then did Ah Long feel that something was wrong.

"By this time there were already a large number of online fraud companies entering Cambodia and taking over various parks." At that time, people were disappearing and dying all around Ah Long from time to time, and he heard from his friends that they were all caused by fraud and kidnapping, while the government did not disclose the real cause of death.

Cambodia has changed.

In 2021, after Ah Long opened the WeChat public account "Ah Long's Story", many contributions from victims of online fraud came in like snowflakes: some of them were smuggled into Cambodia from China, some told their experiences of being resold by fraudulent companies through electric shocks, and some wanted to disclose how they were kidnapped and sold in broad daylight in Cambodia. ......

Ah Long put these victims' true stories into an article and pushed them out to the public.

Aaron said, "Only through these reports of personal experiences can we have a warning effect on other Chinese compatriots."

Taken like cattle

"Why are so many people here engaged in fraudulent activities? Because they can make money."

Ah Long understands that while some people are tricked into coming to the network fraud park in Cambodia and some are kidnapped and sold to the company, a large percentage of the fraudsters stay with the company voluntarily to carry out network fraud activities.

Why? Because of commissions. If you perform well in the company, you will have a good income every month.

"With high income many won't not escape." In addition to some people who got tricked into the telecom/online fraud industry, those face electric shocks, beatings and resale are employees with poor performance, Ah Long said.

When reselling, buyers come to the company to pick people to see if they are smart and can type, "and then they take them away like cattle." Ah Long said that people in the park are slaves for fraud, hardly any personal freedom.

Because of frequent exposes to the public about the Chinese in Cambodia being scammed and kidnapped, which affects the bottom line of the telecom fraud companies, Ah Long also receives death threats from time to time.

In the screenshot of the chat that Ah Long sent to the reporter, a user sent a private message to him saying, "Giving you a death notice. We'll definitely meet, just carry on enjoy life for now."

Ah Long will continue to write his story because these victims and their families are sustaining themselves in spirit. And in the multiple reader and narrator groups he has created, each one encourages him as well.

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