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Exposing fake dating sites; Jingkun Tech Limited


71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ

Fake website screenshot

The deception process of this group of scammers is that they'll go into these applications, such as TINDER, HER , or any other dating apps. After you match with them, they will invite you to continue chatting in LINE. Then they'll have the excuse that they're not comfortable talking to you on LINE because of their work. Then they will send you a link to download apps named forever, sweet, feellovelove, rose, mevtle or other apps that belong to Jingkun Tech. Once downloaded, you will need to register with a username and password and wait for the audit system. Once the audit system is complete, you will be able to access the app. But still can't send messages to anyone in there. The invitee will pretend to pay $199 for the membership and will tell you to pay $38 to activate (this was the amount I paid at the time and may have changed by now).

The person who invited you in will stop talking to you and disappears. Everyone you see and chat with on the website are scammers. You will not see any potential victims in there because they are directed to another page. Many scammers will send you several messages in the chat channel, which is unusual for a typical chat program that shouldn't have this many people coming in on the first day of using. This is because they compete with each other to deceive you.

Then, if you've started talking to one of the scammers out there, The scammer will start to target you by flirting. They will say that they want to see you as soon as possible because they fell in love with you at first sight. They'll call you baby, honey, darling. They'll compliment you a lot even though it's your first day with them. They will then ask you to ask customer service what needs to be done to meet the other person. Customer Service will tell you that you and the other party will need to pay a deposit of 1000 USD each.

The payment method is to transfer money using your card. Then a coin will appear on your account page where 1 USD is 1 coin and later you will find that it was a mistake you made this way. When you fill out the card information and your personal information into it, they will save the information and secretly swipe your card later. Because one day, the money in my card was debited for unknown reasons. I had to report to the police and had the bank freeze the card and get a new one.

After paying the top-up coins, you need to send the recharged coins to customer service via chat. After that, the customer service will send you a series of messages and tell you to pay the tons of money over and over again. And they say they will return it to you when you meet the other party and come back to report the security on the website. The party you want to meet will always make up stories to fool you. The customer service and the party you want to meet will work together to trick you over and over again to keep you sane and unsuspecting. And when your payment and meeting process is almost complete. The other party will keep making excuses and just not come to see you. For me, she made up a story that she previously lived in Thailand, worked in Thailand, and later claimed that she had to return to her home country because of her grandfather's death. Later, she began to claim that she was sick with covids and had to be treated and unable to return to Thailand. She claimed that the doctor can't guarantee when she can leave the hospital.

Even if you have a meeting address, the other person will keep making excuses and not come to see you. I paid until the last step and waited 6-7 months and the other party still hasn't come to see me. The method of this group of scammers is that they will trick you into loving them and make you pay for everything. It may sound cruel, but it's all true. They will keep making excuses not to see you until you get discouraged and stop using the site. If you are a victim please report to the police or request a refund from the bank; otherwise, these scammers will survive and get your money to use without any guilt.

Anyone using this website now I suggest that you stop using this website as soon as possible. You will never meet the other person. Repeat! You will never meet them!! If anything has been paid to them, I advise you to report them to the police as soon as possible.




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