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Sex slaves for scam companies

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

The following is an account of one such "sex slave" trafficked in Southeast Asia, among the scam gangs. Descriptions and pictures will be very graphic. Account also in:


Vivian (alias) is by many accounts a very attractive and adventurous Taiwanese woman working as an escort (陪酒) and fitness coach in the Philippines. In online fitness circles she met a woman who enticed her with a higher --much higher-- paying escort job in Cambodia for a wealthy Chinese businessman. Only after many days later was Vivian persuaded to accept the offer, after more prodding by the woman, which included a supposed picture of the young, handsome client, and after raising the offer to $25,000 USD a month. She hence booked a flight to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to meet her.

The supposed client. (Image taken from Vivian's Instagram with her comments)

Vivian's personal hell started when she landed there in June 24. She was not picked up by the woman but by a man waiting for her. They drove straight to Sihanoukville where she was initially put in a hotel room, where, basically, men after men, probably bosses of scam companies, were invited to come in and have sex with her. She was locked inside and separated from her luggage with only her personal belongings and phone (with no local signal). She was subsequently sold and bought by no less than 4 scam "companies", as she refused to run online scams. Being a voluptuous woman, she was made by one company to pose for photos that she figured would be used for scam profiles. In the rest of that hell week she was continually sexually assaulted, including being gang raped and forced to do fellatio in the men's bathroom to the point of vomiting. She was constantly hungry, thirsty and in pain, with no change of clothes given. She was not spared the electric baton. What made this worse was that she had diagnosed depression for which she had been taking prescription pills for, which were also taken away.

View from her initial room (Image taken from Vivian's Instagram with her comments)

Dorm after being sold to another scam company

Her recording of a script when she was left alone

Being in a foreign country with only her phone she frantically sought help online everywhere where she can. Finally she was able to contact Taiwanese anti-scam influencer Bump, who then sent her case to GASO. After vetting and interviewing (by text), GASO decided to bring attention to her case on the provincial governor's social media account, which reached the governor's secretary. GASO passed along IDs, documentation and proofs of the abuse she was enduring. This included photo evidence of the wounds and bleeding she claims she got in her arms from struggling against 4 or 7 men gang-raping her. Fortunately the governor then ordered the local police to immediately rescue her, which they promptly did (police wouldn't tip off the compound owners if orders came from the governor). Vivian was housed temporarily by GASO volunteer Xiaolu until she was able to go home to Taiwan.

Vivian was treated for lacerations and bruises all around her body including the genitalia. Note that all the assaults inflicted on her took place in barely 10 days, the amount of time she took to get any realistic help online. She is now cooperating with law enforcement to find more clues into the human trafficking rings that victimized her.


However you judge her role in how she ended up in this situation, it is plain barbaric to be treating and discarding any woman this way. Unfortunately, Vivian could still be counted as just one example. Concurrent to Vivian's ordeal, GASO learned of another Taiwanese girl trapped in the Kokang "industrial park", in an area of Myanmar where the central government has little authority. Despite paying all her "redemption fees", she was raped by her supervisor. She was able to find sympathetic ears in the KTV of the casino there, whose owner intervened to let her go. She was eventually smuggled through Mae Sot at the Thailand border, then take a flight from Bangkok to Taiwan.


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