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Step by Step / Crypto trace Guidebook to the big boss final wallet by IIdi

Even with cryptocurrency, investigators can follow the money.

Global Anti-Scam Org has the honour to invite Ms IIdi, the assistant for manual crypto research from Spain on tracking the final e-wallets to do a step by step guide.

Victims are advised to follow through the guide and convince their local authorities to inform the platform i.e. Binance/ Coinbase to freeze the e-wallet accounts.

Important notice‼️ if you see: TOKENLON in the scammer's wallet transactions , this means that coint has been exchanged for example WBTC to USDT. after that, the USDT amount should follow. here is an example of it,where the USDT amount was transferred to four different wallets.Therefore, these four must be followed after the coin change. After the change coins, the other amount should be followed. and then the address of the final wallet can also be found.


Full guidebook can be downloaded below:

Crypto trace guidebook by Iidi
Download PDF • 1.87MB


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