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Women got scammed more than 1 million RMB from "military officer"

"Online dating leads to the destruction of your money in an instant."

The rich and good looking man/ women we met online who are loving and caring to us and at the same time help us invest and make us rich? Thinking about it, it does seem so perfect but who would had thought these people are actually sharpening their knife just to kill us?

Ms M reported on MIEX Mihui’s blind date scam (related article: MIEX Mihui new scam: online blind date scam accounts opened multiple operations to lose money), another woman fell into the trap of online dating, and lost more than 1 million RMB.

Good looking "military officer" sweet words

August, 12, 2021, Ms H met Liu on an online daring app, he took the initiative to befriend her, claiming to be from the Nanjing Military Region. Fujian. Ms H responded the chat as Liu was on his uniform on the profile picture.

Due to Liu sincerity expressing his intention with the purpose of getting married. Ms M felt really close and the relationship between the two parties quickly developed into couple relationship.

After estalishing the relationship online, "We chatted through text and made voice calls, but would never video chat. Liu explained that he was unable to do so for confidentiality reasons in view of his career. Ms. M said that Liu also sent his "officer" credentials to verify that the statement was not false.

Liu's "officer" credentials and sweet words completely dispelled Ms. H's concerns. Ms. H, who was immersed in love, thought that she had met the prince charming in her life. How could she think that sweet words were sugar-coated cannonballs, and Prince Charming was just an "liar."

Deceived to fake "JD Finance"

When the time is ripe, Liu then gave investment advice to Ms. H on the grounds of planning the future lives of the two. "He recommended a website to me and gave me his registered account so that I can invest in this platform."

Liu then seek help from Ms. H with the investment because the military situation is unique and the mobile phone will be required to be handover to the base therefore, it would be inconvenient for him to manage his account. "After logging in, I found that it was the website of'JD Finance'. I think I believe it for a company as big as JD."

Fake Jingdong Finance Platform

Ms H began to manage Liu account and within the next couple of months, she reap over 700,000 RMB.

However on September 12, the fake Liu's account managed by Ms H was back to 0 dollars. Ms H shared the news to Liu but he did not blame her but claimed that he had to take up a loan of 440,000 RMB of the money that was lost by her and that she have to return on time or she will be arrested. Liu then suggest Ms H to use her own funds to invest in the platform. Should she earn the profit, she can not only pay back the money he owes, but also ensure the future lives of the two of them. The then guilty Ms. H trusted Liu.

Ms. H successively deposits funds through "JD Finance" and transfers funds to designated bank cards. Although the account designated by "JD Finance" is different each time, she has no doubt that she has been dazzled by love. In the past month, a total of more than 1.094 million yuan was remitted to the fraud platform.

Pay taxes to withdraw

Ms H was iinformed by the customer service of the platform that her account violated the regulations and she needed to pay 20% of the tax so that the cash could be withdrawn within the next 48 hours.

At this point, Ms H then finally realised that there is something very wrong with the platform. Ms H then downloaded the legit JD Finance app found on app store only to realised that it was completely different from the one recommended by Liu. Ms H lodge police report on the same day and was told that the ID photo of the "military officer" provided by Liu was verified by the police and found to be forged.

A Reminder

Who do you think you are in the eyes of a scammer? Someone who wants to spend the rest of their lifes with you? A motivated young man working part-time to make money? Someone poor who has difficulty in their life?

In the eyes of the scammer, you are just someone they slaughter, just like the pig den. The one and only reason on their sweet voice, and how nice they proclaimed to be only serves one purpose - TO SCAMMED YOUR MONEY!

In fact, the scams tactics of "Pig Slaughter Scams" are often not so unique. It's just that too many people are blindfolded by desire. Even if they are suspicious, they are still willing to be blinded by love.

Everybody have expectations when it comes to love, we would like to remind the public and potential victims who havent got scam just yet and/or still blinded by love. Please wake up from the reality! There is no such person! Its not real! Nothing is real!



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